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With so many dietary supplements out there all relating to various vitamins and minerals that you need, it can be easy to get lost in the chaos of it all.

For an easier way to understand why everything is good or bad for us, we need time and space to appreciate them all on their own – such is the story with Fucoidan extract.

Research shows Fucoidan is loaded with a long list of health benefits that would impress anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

To take a peek at what’s “under the hood”, keep reading – you’ll like what you find.


The Discovery of Fucoidan Extract

For years scientists and researchers have been puzzled as to why the people in Okinawa of Japan have the world’s highest percentage of Centenarian (a person who attains and lives beyond the age of 100) and rarely get any kind of cancer.

As reported by PubMed:

  • In the United States, there are approximately 10–20 centenarians per 100,000 population.
  • In Okinawa Japan, there are approximately 50 centenarians per 100,000 population.

Further research revealed a long chain carbohydrate, called Fucoidan, was discovered in seaweed delicacy Okinawans love called Mozuku. It appears to have an amazing array of health producing properties, including the fact that it is lethal to most types of cancer cells.

Fucoidan comes from a comfortable home in the cell walls of brown seaweed that can be pickled or eaten raw, or used a spice in many kinds of Asian cuisine.

The main interest of this seaweed extract is its various health benefits, especially its usage as a natural alternative cancer treatment remedy.

Watch the excellent video below to see the Mozuku seaweed harvesting in action.


Fucoidan For Cancer: Medical Research and Clinical Results

So what does Fucoidan do for the body?

Fucoidan has been proven in scientific research and clinical studies to target and safely kill cancer cells effectively, with this natural extract has promising benefits to those who suffer from various forms and severity of cancer.

Based on over 600 researches published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, including clinical studies on various cancer patients:

  • Fucoidan contains strong anti-cancer bioactivity, with its applications including immune modulation, cancer inhibition, and pathogen inhibition.
  • For instance, clinical studies indicated it can inhibit tumor cell migration by demonstrating anti-metastatic effect that inhibits the invasion of A549 lung cancer cells, while it also inhibits breast cancer progression by regulating the miR-29c/ADAM12 and miR-17-5p/PTEN axes.
  • Fucoidan is an useful adjunct oral therapy during or after conventional chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The reason is because this brown seaweed extract possesses immunomodulatory effects and protective effects against development of adverse reaction and side effects (eg. fatigue and nausea) when it is co-administered with chemotherapeutic agents and radiation.

Below are some key research reports on Fucoidan and cancer for your further read:

How it works is that the Fucoidan extract will head through your body and look for those cancer cells floating around, whether they are freely moving their way through your system, or they are in tumours. Once they’ve been found, the extract will start to pick them apart one by one, destroying the cells and helping the cancer go away.

While it is not going to cure cancer on its own, this natural seaweed extract is a great aid to help protect the body’s reaction to some of the most serious cancer side effects, especially to the liver function. Since the liver is often one of the most seriously impacted organs during cancer treatment, this is often a well loved benefit of Fucoidan for those who are doing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The incredible thing about Fucoidan extract is that is knows intuitively the difference between harmful and regular cells in the body, making it a great aid in those who are interested in natural treatment options or for those who are looking for something that is going to give them another chance at getting through the cancer diagnosis.
Dr. Susana Trujillo elaborates the 3 key anti-cancer effects of this extract in the brief video below, alongside overview of Mozuku Fucoidan from Okinawa of Japan and Mekabu Fucoidan from Australia.


Other Amazing Fucoidan Health Benefits and Uses

In addition to its anti-cancer applications, Fucoidan extract is also found to have many other health benefits as well as general uses in our daily lives, such as:

  • Fucoidan possess pleiotropic anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce inflammation in whole organs such as the kidneys, heart, and liver. These include inhibition of selectins, inhibition of complement and enzyme inhibitory activity.
  • Treatment of patients with HCV-related chronic Hepatitis C virus infection, whereby clinical study conducted on 15 patients with chronic liver diseases indicated their HCV RNA levels significantly reduced after treated with Fucoidan (0.83 g/d) for 12 months.
  • Limit diabetes-induced kidney damage and liver disease, while it is also shown to benefit non-alcoholic liver disease caused by a pathogen, and helps reduce liver fat.
  • Protect brain function by reducing or reversing brain ageing and disease.
  • Inhibitory effects on coated viruses such as Herpes, HIV, Influenza.
  • Great effects against common colds and flus, making it a great alternative to (or additional protection alongside) the flu shot that is offered every year in Western countries. It is often taken as a supplement for this very reason.
  • This natural component of brown seaweed could be useful in those who suffer from hypertension, or an issue with the thyroid.
  • Help prevent hair loss by strengthening hair and promote hair growth.
  • Another promising benefit of this extract is its role in weight loss, whereby the bioactive components in Fucoidan can reduce the activity of digestive enzymes and modulating enzymes to help shed the weight off faster than without it.

Below are some research reports on health benefits of Fucoidan and brown seaweed:

In video below, naturopathic doctor Dr. Peter Glidden shares comprehensive reviews on what does this Japanese seaweed extract do for the body, and why is it good for our health.


Fucoidan Recommended Dosage and Side Effects

It is recommended that you take 1 to 2 grams of Fucoidan extract for general health benefits and to fight adult lifestyle-related diseases, or at least 3 to 6 grams (per doctor instructions) to fight cancer and other malignant diseases.

Various medical research and clinical studies have confirmed that Fucoidan is safe with no severe adverse effects to human body. For examples:

  • Clinical studies conducted by researchers in Australia on patients with active malignancy show taking this natural seaweed extract has no adverse effects reported, and toxicity monitoring showed no significant differences in all parameters measured.
  • Another study shows patients received 150 mL/day for 6 months of liquid that contained 4.05 g Fucoidan showed no side effects such as allergic dermatitis.

Nonetheless, as with everything, Fucoidan extract does have a few side effects to be aware of:

  • The first one is the fact that since it acts as an anticoagulant agent, it is going to impact the way that your blood is going to clot. If you are on blood thinners or you have problems with blood clotting, this is something that you should consult your doctor.
  • Additionally, due to its high fibre content, you will find that consuming this natural extract may give you diarrhea and/or bloating, especially if you use it longterm. This is something that would stop as soon as you stop taking the supplement, but you should be aware of it and monitor your dosage levels correctly if you are considering taking it.
  • As Fucoidan comes from seaweed which has both iodine and sodium, consult a physician if you have sensitivities to these components.
  • Those with a soy allergy should also test usage with this supplement, as it is known to have similar kind of properties.


What Are The Best Fucoidan Extract Supplement Recommendations?

Fucoidan extract can boost our quality of life by maintaining our health and immunity.

As it takes about 1 kg of brown seaweed to obtain 1 gram of Fucoidan –

Rather than eating in excess of 1 to 2 kg of brown seaweed every day, it makes the oral consumption of this compound much more convenient by looking at the Fucoidan extract supplements on the market.

Based on our independent research, here are the Top 2 Fucoidan dietary supplements:

#1: NatureMedic Fucoidan with AHCC

focoidan-ahcc-160-capsulesNature Medic Fucoidan is developed together with the Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) – a Japanese Shiitake mushroom extract with proven medical results to fight various cancer and promote body immune system.

According to Dr Fred Pescatore, the AHCC expert and internationally recognized expert on integrative medicine – AHCC is used in over 700 clinics and hospitals in Japan, mainly used against most tumors in cancer treatment.

AHCC has been successfully used to treat many health conditions, with over 20 human studies and over 100 clinical studies, including the below:

AHCC BenefitsSource
Enhance anticancer / antitumor effectsYale School of Medicine
Treatment of recurrent ovarian cancerInternational Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products
Down-regulates pancreatic cancer cellsYamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine
Prolong the survival and improve the prognosis of patients with advanced liver cancerThammasat University Rangsit Campus of Thailand
Reduce cancer chemotherapy side-effects such as neutropeniaThe Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Promotes immune responseUniversity of Ottawa, Natural Medicine Journal, and Binghamton University

Made in Japan under high quality control, Nature Medic combines Fucoidan brown seaweed extract with AHCC mushroom extract to formulate a powerful natural dietary supplement.

This product contains Mozuku Fucoidan from Okinawa of Japan and organic Mekabu Fucoidan from Australia – the 2 types of extracts as elaborated by Dr. Susana Trujillo in video above.

>> Check out full product details of this NatureMedic premium dietary supplement and how is it different from other Fucaidon products

#2: Fucoidan Umi No Shizuku

umi-no-shizuku-fucoidanUmi No Shizuku Fucoidan by Kamerycah Inc uses the brown seaweed that is found in the waters of Okinawa Japan. The mozuku seaweed that is found here has the highest concentration of Fucoidan and is also the purest source of it. The extract that is pulled from this kind of seaweed is what helps the people of Okinawa have the some of the longest lives of anyone in the world.

This product is combined with the properties of the Agaricus blazei mushroom mycelia extract. Together, this is a powerful combination that helps boost your body immune function.

>> Check out full product details of this Fucoidan Umi No Shizuku dietary supplement

User Reviews on Fucoidan Supplements and Where To Buy

The user reviews and forum feedback on Fucoidan’ health benefits have generally been positive.

Below are some success stories and actual user testimonials from where you can purchase these natural seaweed extract supplements online.

focoidan-ahcc-160-capsules>> Check out user reviews on how Fucoidan helped patients with colon cancer, breast cancer, and chemo treatment.Learn More Amber Button Without Frame
umi-no-shizuku-fucoidan>> Check out Fucoidan experience of patients with aggressive skin cancer and brain cancer.Learn More Amber Button Without Frame


Fucoidan Extract Health Benefits Reviews: The Verdict

Fucoidan is one of the water soluble components of brown seaweed that has shown high anti-cancer and antitumor effects with proven clinical results that help various cancer treatment, while it is also an useful adjunct oral therapy during or after conventional chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Additionally, this natural extract also provide numerous health benefits with no adverse side effects when taken within the recommended dosage.

Your health should always be a top priority for you in your life. If you want something that will give you the best option for making the most out of what you are consuming into your body, then this natural supplement is one of the best choice.


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      Nonetheless, yes, there are medical research that show Astaxanthin demonstrated positive effect in fighting cancer, such as this study published in Antioxidants journal and this study related to skin cancer.

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