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ASCUS Pap Smear Results with Positive High Risk HPV: Cervical Treatment Options?

It’s just scary, isn’t it? Your doctor just called and said: “You have ASCUS pap smear results with positive high risk HPV, please come to my office to discuss…” Anxiety, worry, panic, and fear. You’re also probably wondering what are the treatment options and next steps.   ASCUS Pap Smear Result: What Does It Mean?…

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Use Compound W on Genital Wart at Home – Does it Work?

Let’s face it: Medical condition like genital warts can really cause a lot of discomfort. It is best to go about treating HPV warts by using proven treatments that will keep you free from these unsightly skin lesions. While Compound W product series are among the over the counter options that can help warts removal…

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What These 9 Celebrities With HPV Related Cancers Can Teach Us

As one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the world, Human Papillomavirus has a notorious reputation. Anyone can contract this virus, and it can lead to life threatening cancers. When diagnosed with HPV, one may be filled with anxiety, fear, hope, or courage. Some have successfully fought to survive, some lost the battle…

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121 Best Gift Ideas For Chemotherapy and Cancer Patients ( They Will Love You For It )

Have a loved one diagnosed with cancer and you would like to render your support? Choosing a right gift can help cancer patients stay emotionally positive in battling the disease, and make them feel more physically comfortable throughout the long chemotherapy or radiation treatment. We’ve put together a mammoth list of 121 gift ideas in…

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