Can You Get Rid of HPV once You Have it in Your Body? How to Treat HPV Naturally?

Can You Get Rid of HPV in Body

You know it is true:

HPV vaccine does not protect against all Human Papillomavirus strains, so even a fully vaccinated person is still exposed to over 100 different types of HPV that are not covered by the vaccination.

This adds element of anxiety to the already notorious reputation that HPV has been receiving —

not only because this virus can cause cervical cancer and unsightly genital warts, but some HPV myths are still not always fully understood by health professionals let alone the general public.

With CDC estimated 14 million people become newly infected with HPV each year, there is one question that many dread the most:

Can you get rid of HPV once you have it in your body?

Let’s jump right in.

Can Your Body Get Rid of HPV? Will the Virus Go Away On Its Own?

Body immune system is the first line of defense against invasion of any virus like HPV, wherein a sophisticated immune response will be triggered to fight the infection when HPV attacks our body.

People with weakened body immunity are vulnerable to Human Papillomavirus infections and face greater risk of triggering HPV virus within the body’s cells into active mode.

According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Einstein College of Medicine:

  • 90% of HPV are cleared by the body and go away within 2 years, with clearance usually occurs in the first 6 months after infection.
  • A study on 608 women shows approximately 70% of women with HPV infections became HPV negative within 1 year, and 91% of them became HPV negative within 2 years.

But let’s get real here:

There are many reasons you want to get rid of HPV faster once you have found it in your body — regardless if it is your HPV DNA test or abnormal Pap smear show HPV positive results, or you have HPV symptoms like warts that start showing up.

Consider these:

  • HPV is highly contagious and you can easily spread this virus to your partner and others.
  • Studies show the tumors-causing oncogenic HPV infections and high-risk HPV 16 had significantly lower clearance rate than nononcogenic / low-risk HPV infection, according to McGill University and Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre.
  • If HPV is left untreated and it does not go away by itself, HPV can start causing problems.
  • HPV-related genital diseases and genital warts can bring significant psychosocial burden and adverse impact on health-related quality of life, as revealed by a research on 842 patients.
  • HPV can be dangerous not only to women, but also to men (eg. throat cancer and anal cancer).
  • Persistent infection with high-risk HPV is the most important risk factor for HPV-related diseases including cancer precursors and invasive cervical cancer. (Source: CDC)

How is HPV Treated? Can HPV be Cured Naturally?

Getting HPV infection is not the end of the world, and you are certainly not alone.

Just read on to check out the HPV treatment options, or click on below to go straight to the section.

How To Get Rid of HPV Naturally

Treatment Option #1: Medically Proven Natural HPV Remedies with Patient Testimonials

There is no cure for the HPV virus itself, though there are medical treatments available for health problems and symptoms caused by HPV, such as cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, and warts.

The good news is:

As time has gone by, medical experts and researchers have discovered natural remedies for HPV.

For those who are looking for how to get rid of HPV naturally, here are 3 excellent complementary cures that can boost your body system to fight and clear the HPV virus:
(a) Active Hexose Correlated Compound

Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) is a natural shiitake mushroom extract that has been in use in over 700 hospitals and clinics in Japan, mainly for treatment of cancer patients.

According to study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, the results show that AHCC is an effective natural treatment for HPV infections and cervical dysplasia.

The study involved HPV patients who orally took 3 grams of AHCC extract daily for 6 months.

Among these 10 women with persistent HPV infection before treatment, results show 5 of them tested negative for HPV tests and 3 of these women were able to completely eliminate the HPV infection after three months of taking AHCC capsules daily. Even after stopping the usage of the extract, they still were still clear of the HPV infection.

Not only AHCC has been clinically studied and demonstrated its efficacy in fighting off HPV, there are many related testimonials from HPV patients as you can read their success stories here.

AHCC is able to support and stimulate the immune system by enhancing the multiplication and activity of dendritic cells, cytokines and natural killer cells that help the body combat diseases as well as inhibit cancer and development of tumor. Its anti-tumor benefits is able to fight off HPV infections before they actually turn into cancer.

Natural AHCC extract is available as nutritional supplement. >> Learn More
(b) Selenium

Selenium has been discovered to be having properties that can help fight against HPV infection, with study published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention shows selenium is able to combat high risk HPV type-16 which can cause cancer.

Selenium is able to inhibit the growth and development of tumors thus prevent the severity of cancer. This compound is known to be an essential mineral that is needed in the body because of its ability to boosts the strength of the immune system to fight diseases and viruses at cellular level.

There was a research that was done in order to discover the effects of selenium on HPV infection, and its results were published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

The study was conducted on 58 women and all had a low-grade cervical dysplasia CIN 1. Some women were administered with 200 mcg selenium and others with placebo every day. After 6 months period, the results showed that those who were given selenium, they had CIN 1 regression.

Having enough selenium in your body is very important because the mineral itself is able to protect you from free radicals that can cause diseases. It is able to protect the immune system, thus enhancing its ability to fight of HPV infection and even prevent cancers caused by HPV.

As indicated in the video by Dr John Kiel above, Selenium is available in various foods like sardines and brazil nuts, and it is also available in a supplement form. >> Learn More
(c) Beta Glucan

Beta glucan is available as a polysaccharide in the cell walls of mushrooms, fungi or yeast. This natural compound can be termed to be having the ability to naturally modulate the immunity of a person.

In a study published in the International Journal of Oncology, beta glucan is a natural immunomodulating agent which is able to stimulate the immune system to combat cancer and even prevent further growth of tumor.
Italian researchers conducted research on 209 women who were administered with beta glucan. Results showed that, this extract is able to treat lesions that are related to HPV such as HPV-CIN1 and ASCUS-LSIL lesions.

Another study published in Minerva Ginecologica journal also shows promising results: 60 women took beta glucan for a 12 months treatment, and it was discovered that natural Beta glucan extract is an effective treatment for HPV-CIN1 lesions and ASCUS-LSIL lesions. After the 12 months treatment, there was a 15% to 20% increase in the regressions rate.
Beta glucan is able to boost the ability of your immunity to combat illnesses and respond to viruses such as HPV virus in your body.

This substance is not naturally produced in our bodies, hence we have to obtain it from consuming foods or supplements that contain it. By consuming the supplemental form of this natural compound, our immune system will have an enhanced ability to defend our body from HPV infections.

In video below, a patient shared the experience on how she cured her HPV and cervical dysplasia in 6 months with Beta Glucan supplement and AHCC.


Treatment Option #2: Medical Surgery (with Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy etc)

There are various surgical techniques that are available for the treatment of medical conditions and symptoms caused by HPV – including warts, cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer, and HPV-induced throat cancer.

While surgical procedures for men and women are not able to completely rid their bodies of HPV virus, this option is important for treatment of moderate to severe cervical dysplasia through surgical removal of abnormal cervical cells, as well as big / hard / stubborn warts that can’t be effectively removed with other non-surgical treatments.
Some of these medical surgeries are:

  • Cryotherapy: This procedure uses a needle-like applicator, together with argon gas or liquid nitrogen, to apply an extreme localized cold temperature on the targeted treatment area. Its application will freeze and destroy diseased tissue (eg. cancer cells) or skin lesion (eg. warts).

    Cryotherapy can be used to freeze the precancerous cells and then removing them from the cervix. According to MedicineNet, potential side effects of this treatment procedure include unusual sensations, soreness, discomfort, and skin irritation at the treatment site.

  • Laser surgery: This is performed as an outpatient procedure. The laser surgery involves the use of carbon dioxide laser therapy with high precision to get rid of warts or abnormal cervical tissue, and leave the normal tissue intact. This method is quite expensive and is not readily available in all health facilities.
  • Electrosurgery: This method uses very high frequency current to cut and remove warts or precancerous cells from the cervix. It can be performed as an outpatient procedure on patients generally on local anesthesia.

Additional resources for other HPV treatment medical procedures:

  • WebMD: Cervical dysplasia treatment may include LEEP or cone biopsy.
  • American Cancer Society: Cervical cancer treatment with Hysterectomy and Chemoradiation.
  • Cleveland Clinic: Oral HPV-positive cancer may involve chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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How is HPV Treated

Treatment Option #3: Topical Medications and Antiviral Drugs for HPV Warts

Wart patient can choose topical application of cream / solution / gel as first level of treatment, with wart surgery to be considered when topical treatment is not successful to rid of warts.

The HPV wart treatment cream should only be applied topically on the affected skin surfaces; Individuals may exhibit different reactions to the medicines and pain can also be experienced.

While you can get rid of HPV warts fast (in one day) with outpatient surgery, do not expect your wart to go away overnight after topical treatment because it takes time, so patience is required.
Some commonly used topical medications and antiviral drugs for warts include:

  • Imiquimod: Classified as an immunomodulator, Imiquimod is available with doctor-prescription only. This topical cream is for treatment for all external genital warts, in which Imiquimod helps to get rid of HPV warts by enhancing your body immune systems potency against the warts.

    Imiquimod is usually applied 3 times a week and it should be used continually until all the warts have completely cleared up. You should avoid any mucosal contacts with this Imiquimod due to the skin reactions.

  • Podofilox / Podophyllotoxin: Available in the form of solution and ointment, Podofilox / Podophyllotoxin is available only with doctor-prescription. It contains Podophyllin as its key ingredient for external genital warts treatment, while clinical study on 60 women shows this Podophyllotoxin topical treatment eradicated 94% of genital warts.

    Before its application, the patient should thoroughly clean the area and should applied directly on the genital warts. The patient should be very careful to avoid podophyllotoxin getting into contact with the healthy skin tissues.

  • Keratolytics: As topical agents that help to soften the keratin on skin, Keratolytics have been used to treat warts, corns, acne, and psoriasis. An example of a powerful keratolytic agent is Trichloroacetic acid (TCA).

Any Over The Counter Treatment for HPV Warts Removal?

For treatment of non-genital warts like plantar wart on foot and common wart on hand / finger, there are many wart removal products in the market that you can buy OTC without doctor prescription.

However, it is important to note that most of these OTC wart removers like Compound W is not formulated for genital warts treatment, so make sure you read the product description and manufacturer instructions carefully before you apply it on your genital wart.

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Does HPV Vaccine Help Get Rid of HPV?

HPV vaccines such as Gardasil and Cervarix are intended to help people prevent HPV contraction, but the vaccination is not a treatment to get rid of the virus.

This is a key reason why CDC recommends preteens should complete HPV vaccination before they start any sexual activity, as HPV vaccine is most effective when it is given prior to exposure to HPV.

Having said that, even if you have already been infected with HPV, vaccine like Gardasil 9 can still help protect yourself against the other HPV strains that you may not be infected before.

HPV Treatment Options Review: Summary and Verdict

While statistics show there is about 90% chance that your body can clear the HPV virus within 2 years, you would want to get rid of HPV once you have found it, because HPV infection could cause various health conditions and thus they should be treated as soon as possible to be on the safe side.

The HPV virus itself is not curable, but the good news is medical research and user testimonials show AHCC mushroom extract and Beta Glucan are excellent natural remedies that can help boost your body to clear the HPV faster and without side effects.

By now you’ll have also known that various outpatient surgical procedures are available for removal of abnormal cervical cells and oral warts, whilst topical medication in ointment or solution form is a good option as first line of treatment for HPV skin warts.

HPV can be treated, and now it’s your turn to take action.

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How to Get Rid of HPV Naturally

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