Top 5 Picks of Chemo Port Shirts and Clothing Products for Cancer Patient

Cancer Chemo Port ShirtsYou know how it’s true:

Being diagnosed with cancer followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy is hard for every individual.

With cancer treatments will take a toll on the patient’s physical and emotional health —

One of the last worries you need is whether the cloth you pick to wear will allow the nurses to access your chemo port easily.

The good news is, there are apparel specially made to let you feel more comfortable during chemotherapy, and make the treatment process smoother with easy Port-a-Cath installation and removal.
We’ve handpicked the Top 5 chemo port shirts and clothing products to make your cancer treatment journey a little easier — while we are sure that the following guides can be useful resources for you too:

#1. ComfyChemo DUAL Port Zipper Shirts for Men and Women

Our top recommendation is ComfyChemo, the pioneer and leader that offer chemotherapy apparel since 2011.

Designed by oncology nurse and made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester –

ComfyChemo shirts are designed with zippers on both sides, so this dual zippers clothing will work no matter which side your port is on.

These specialized port access clothing can meet the needs of patient’s undergoing chemo treatment, and help patient to be more comfortable.

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These stylish dual port zipper chemo port access shirts are available for men and women, in which the patient can choose among long sleeve and short sleeve chemowear design.

They are available in different colors, too!

#2. Comfy Care Unisex Chest Port Zipper Chemo Shirts

Similar to the ComfyChemo above —

The chemo port shirts by Comfy Care are made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, while they also have dual zippers on both sides that allow the nurses to easily access the port-a-cath.

Comfy Care chemo port shirts are in long sleeves only, however they have colors like maroon and navy that are different than the ComfyChemo.

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#3. Port Fashions’ Chemo Shirts with Zippers on Shoulders and Chest

The chemo shirts by Port Fashions have zippers on both shoulders and mid chest that allow wide access.

Designed by a chemo nurse, these chemowear are available in 2 designs made of different material:

  • Easy port access pullover made in 100% French Tarry: These relaxed fit clothing are not chemo port pocket shirts — the front chest horizontal zippers that you see on the photos are not pockets, as they are for IV lines to get through.
  • Easy port access chemo shirts made in 100% cotton: These are for slim fit, size up for comfort fit.

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So far we’ve covered the recommended chest port zipper chemo shirts.

However, there is a chance that the cancer patient has both chest port AND arm port during chemo.

Watch the brief video below to have a basic understanding on chest Port-a-cath and PICC line (stands for “peripherally inserted central catheter” whereby a thin flexible tube is inserted into the veins of a patient’s arm to administer IV medications):

For patient who needs easy access to chemo arm port and chest port during treatment, or if you are buying chemo port shirt as a gift — then the following recommendation is a good option.

#4: Chemo Cozy Shirt with Easy-Access Zippers for PICC and/or Chest Ports

This cozy fleece designed by Chemo Cozy has easy-access nylon zippers for chemo patients with PICC Line and/or chest ports. Also great for infusion patients on dialysis.

Made of 100% polyster, this machine washable jacket is designed to be worn without under garments.

The co-founders of Chemo Cozy shared the story behind this chemo shirt in the brief video below.

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#5: Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery Robe for Chemo Patient

For breast cancer patient who receives chemo as part of the treatment, she may go through lumpectomy or mastectomy that can really impact their daily tasks — particularly getting dressed.

Under such circumstances, Brobe recovery garment with bra and robe can really help to make the patient’s recovery more comfortable and bearable.

This unique robe is made to be worn before, during and after surgery.

It is designed with pockets to hold post-operative drains and ice packs, a front-closure bra, and other useful designs that can help the breast cancer patient during treatment and post-surgery recovery.

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Bonus Tip: Chemo Port Pillow and Seat Belt Cushion

Placement of chest port can make wearing a seat belt very uncomfortable, because the port sticks right out where the seat belt goes.

A soft chemo port pillow or seat belt cushion can help to cover the patient’s chest port from seat belt, avoid rubbing, and protect the port from being irritated while riding in a car.

This is also a great comforting item for breast cancer patient after mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery.

>> Check out The Breast and Chest Buddy Pillow & Seatbelt Cushion to learn more

Understand Chemo Port Insertion, Installation, and Placement In a Glance.

For chemotherapy and intravenous (IV) fluids, health care team often gives such cancer treatment into a vein through a medical device like:

  • Catheter: long and narrow tubes made of soft plastic; or
  • Port: a small plastic or metal disc, with the entire device is called a port-a-cath.

During chemo port installation procedure, a nurse inserts a port under the skin, usually on patient’s chest, and the attached tube goes into a vein near the heart — as shown in illustration video below.

A special needle is passed through the skin into the port to give chemo medications into the vein. A small bump can be seen underneath the skin where the port is.


Chemotherapy Port Benefits, Side Effects, and Complications.

The application of chemotherapy port is generally safe, with the rare adverse effects and complications are infection, clot, bleeding, pneumothorax (collapse of the lung) etc.

Dr. David Margileth, a leading medical oncologist, elaborates more on the chemo port benefits and risks in brief video below.


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