HPV Dormant Period How Long It Stays

HPV Dormant Period: How Long Does It Take For HPV To Go Away?

  HPV has become very common that it can already be considered as a normal part of life, with HPV (Human papillomavirus) is one of the most common STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) in the US. The U.S. CDC estimated that over 79 million Americans are infected with it, which means around every 1 in 4…

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HPV Vaccine Age Limit Range

HPV Vaccine Age Limit: For Adults over 40, 30… after Age 26 Cut Off?

  Human papillomavirus is a common sexually transmitted disease with over 290 million women have HPV infection worldwide, says the World Health Organisation. Despite HPV cervical cancer vaccine is one of the most controversial immunisation practice ever since vaccination was discovered by Edward Jenner in the late 18th century — The U.S. CDC reported increasing…

HPV Cervical Dysplasia Natural Remedies Cures

11 Proven Natural Remedies for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

  Deep down, you still remember the scene vividly: You had a routine Pap smear, expected everything to be fine… The smear test results turned out to be abnormal, and the doctor said you have been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. You feel frightened and concerned. You know you’re in a battle.

can HPV be Positive and then Negative

Can HPV be Positive and then Negative? Medical Studies Revealed…

  A troubling thought, isn’t it? You went for a check up, with the Pap Smear and Colposcopy biopsy results make you confused and anxiously wonder: Can HPV be positive and then negative… after that tested positive again? Can you have HPV and test negative? Let’s see what the medical studies revealed.   I Tested…