15 Chemo Eyebrows Tutorials Packed With Makeup Expert Tips and Experience Sharing by Cancer Patients

Chemo Eyebrows Tutorials TipsMost cancer patients experience hair loss during chemotherapy treatment, while chemo may cause hair falling off from eyebrows and eyelashes.

With study shows one quarter of US women use eyebrow pencils while 19% wear eyebrow makeup –

it is understandable that falling hair from eyebrow area is a beauty concern that may affect the self esteem of cancer patients.
Watch the following video tutorials, in which 15 cancer patients and makeup experts revealed their chemo eyebrows beauty tips and techniques that can help to restore your confidence.

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1. Eyebrows Beauty Tips by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

15-year-old cancer patient Karina Moreira offers her tips on a technique known as a smoky eye.

It involves shading your eyebrows using grey white and black colors and a brush.

Here you need to make your eye look smoky by blending these colors into different layers:


2. Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Her Tips Without Using Eyebrow Brush

The other technique of making your eyebrows after chemotherapy is by utilizing pencils other than eyebrow brush, as shown in the following video by breast cancer survivor Christina.

Although your eyebrow will be scanty –

you can use the pencil of your favorite color to make the eyebrow area look great.


3. Brow Pencil Recommended by Chemotherapy Patient Dee Doherty

You can also fill browns during chemo using a brow pencil called Benefit Precisely My Brow.

The main aim of filling your brown is to enhance a continuous eyebrow shape.

This is basically because as your eyebrows fall, the hair looks patchy and scanty.

Just choose the right colored pencil and decide on the shape of the brow you need.

This will make your brows great even during or after chemo:


4. Cancer Research UK Shares Tips To Define Eyebrows

This video comes with a handful of tips on how to define eyebrows during cancer treatment.

To define your brows after their loss, you can consider utilizing the stencil –

whereby you don’t need to paint using colors but simply mount a stencil with the right color.


5. Excellent Tutorial by Makeup Artist and Breast Cancer Patient

In this tutorial by Andrea Pellegrini, a makeup artist who went through breast cancer chemotherapy –

you will realize those patchy eyebrows can be made to look great.

Here you need an eyebrow pencil, and you first need to use a clear brow set to brush your eyebrows. This will make your brows look thicker and fuller.

Then you can now proceed to use that pencil liner of your color.


6. Recreating Eyebrows with Make-Up

It is also possible to recreate your eyebrows with make-up, and this is a technique where you utilize a combination of powder and pencil.

To do that, get a darker pencil and grey or white powder.

Paint your brows using dark pencil and the contrast by applying grey powder on the area around the brows, as shown in the video below.

And she looked gorgeous with her chemo scarf!

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7. Step-By-Step Tutorial on How To Draw Realistic Looking Eyebrows

Ashton Doty shows you can draw on realistic-looking eyebrows for chemotherapy and Alopecia.

Firstly, straighten your scanty brows. Then depending on the shape of your head, use the brush and the eyebrow color to make suitable lines over your brows.

In the end, this will look real, though there might fewer eyebrows in it.


8. MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Makeup Tips for Cancer Patients

One approach is to measure eyebrow location and place 3 dots, then sketch in eyebrows between dots.

Smooth out the eyebrows with brush and powder, and finish smoothing with a clean mascara brush.

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9. Eyebrows Tips For Chemo Patients

To avoid facial difference that comes as a result of the loss of eyebrows, you can use an eyeliner brush and some powder.

To ensure that your brows do not fall off during the process, consider using a little nibble pencil.

This will help to bring you original face back.


10. Realistic Eyebrow Tutorial for Women Going Through Chemotherapy

The following video demonstrates realistic looking eyebrow creation from scratch –

using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomades.


11. Additional Useful Tips to Define Eyelashes During Cancer Treatment

The other cool technique is by utilizing the eye base and cream shadow to create an even eyelid before starting to work on the eyebrows and lashes.

Use the mascara with a flexible wand to lift your eyelashes before coloring them with lash liner.

Watch the following video by Macmillan Cancer Support group.


12. Eyebrows Shaping Tutorial by Synovial Sarcoma Survivor

In video below, Ilana Maimon shares her recommended steps for creating a full set of eyebrows during cancer treatment.

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13. Steps To Draw the Perfect Eyebrows

After living with alopecia for 10 years –

Carly Severn becomes an expert on the perfect arsenal of eyebrow pencils, and powders for drawing in a natural-looking set.

Watch the following video and learn how to draw the perfect eyebrows:


14. Step by Step Eyebrow Tutorial for Chemo Patients

It is also possible to use an eyebrow pencil brush, eyebrow gel, and powders in combination. This brings you a three-step process. The first step is using the eyebrow pencil to bring out that natural look on your brows and lashes.

The second step is all about using the eyebrow gel to smoother the area around the eye socket.

The last step is bringing that contrast between the eyebrows and the area surrounding it using powder:


15. Eyebrows Creation Tips by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

In most cases, cancer patients who experienced eyebrow hair falling have resorted to a solitary life.

And here are some final tips on how to create natural-looking eyebrows after hair loss:


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