Fucoidan AHCC Benefits and NatureMedic Review: Do They Work?

Focoidan AHCC NatureMedic 160 capsules
With so many dietary supplements out there, how do we differentiate between those that are really good and effective, and those that aren’t?

A scientific approach to gauge the efficacy and usefulness of supplementation is through reliable medical research –

and among the clinical studies, both Fucoidan and AHCC have demonstrated significant health benefits to mankind.


Benefits of Fucoidan and AHCC: Medical Research

Let’s start by having brief overview of what are Fucoidan and AHCC:

  • Fucoidan is a long chain carbohydrate found in the cell walls of brown seaweed. The best Fucoidan sources per research are Mozuku Fucoidan from Okinawa of Japan and Mekabu Fucoidan from Australia.
  • Active Hexose Correlated Compound or AHCC, is an alpha-glucan rich nutritional extract from Japanese Shiitake mushrooms. These mushrooms extract have been known for centuries for their healing properties.

Fucoidan and AHCC are best known for their proven efficacy as natural complementary and alternative medicine for cancer treatment.

Over 600 Fucoidan related researches have been published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, while AHCC is used in over 700 clinics and hospitals in Japan – mainly used against most tumors in cancer treatment and boost body immune for chemotherapy patients.

Below are some key studies that Fucoidan and AHCC have demonstrated anti-tumor effects in various cancer treatment (such as breast / colon / lung / pancreatic / liver / prostate cancers), while promote body immune system and help reduce chemotherapy side effects for patients.

Common BenefitsFucoidan - Medical Studies SourceAHCC - Medical Studies Source
Enhance anticancer / antitumor effectsMarine DrugsYale School of Medicine
Breast cancer TreatmentJournal of CancerInternational Society of Personalized Medicine
Colon cancer TreatmentAnticancer Research JournalNatural Medicine Journal
Down-regulates Pancreatic cancer cellsInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesYamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine
Lung cancer treatmentThe U.S. National Library of MedicineSeoul Internal Medicine Clinic
Liver cancer treatmentJapan Kurume University School of MedicineThammasat University Rangsit Campus of Thailand
Prostate cancer treatmentKorea Kongju National UniversityMedical University of South Carolina
Reduce cancer Chemotherapy side effectsOncology Letters JournalThe Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Promotes immune responseThe Journal of NutritionUniversity of Ottawa, and Binghamton University

As shown, studies conducted at various institutions across the globe supported the effectiveness of AHCC and Fucoidan in cancer treatment — with these natural extracts show promising benefits to those who suffer from various forms and severity of cancer, by safely kill cancer cells effectively.

Indeed, Fucoidan and AHCC have much more health benefits, that you could check out the comprehensive reviews in below:


NatureMedic Fucoidan Powered With AHCC: Supplement Review

Focoidan AHCC NatureMedic 160 capsulesWhile there are several Fucoidan products in the market –

This NatureMedic premium supplement comes with a unique formulation that is designed to provide results, as it is an exclusive and unique formulation of 2 topnotch quality ingredients (Fucoidan and AHCC), combined with Agaricus mycelia extract.

Made in Japan under high quality control, this NatureMedic supplement contains Mozuku Fucoidan from Okinawa of Japan and organic Mekabu Fucoidan from Australia as its primary ingredients, while it also includes AHCC and Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom extract that is rich in B-glucans.

The video below demonstrates the manufacturing process of this Nature Medic Fucoidan AHCC supplement at a sanitary plant with GMP recognized by the Ministry of Health and Labor.
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Other Fucoidan and AHCC Dietary Supplements

NatureMedic Fucoidan powered with AHCC make it a premium brand vs other Fucoidan supplements in today’s market. Its upgraded formula will satisfy all the customers’ health needs when it comes to effectiveness and quality.

As comparison, below are the other Fucoidan supplements and AHCC supplements in the market, that you can click to learn more on each product alongside their respective actual user reviews for you to make an educated purchase decision to boost your health.


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