121 Best Gift Ideas For Chemotherapy and Cancer Patients ( They Will Love You For It )

Best Gift Ideas Chemo Cancer PatientsHave a loved one diagnosed with cancer and you would like to render your support?

Choosing a right gift can help cancer patients stay emotionally positive in battling the disease, and make them feel more physically comfortable throughout the long chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

We’ve put together a mammoth list of 121 gift ideas in this 10,000+ words definitive guide

including the reasons of why these items are needed / recommended by people living with cancer, and videos with useful tips from cancer patients revealing what they actually put in their chemo bag.

We are sure that your search will end here, and don’t forget to share these gift ideas to help out others!
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Thoughtful & Comfort Gift for Cancer Patient Undergoing Chemo / Radiation

As someone you love goes through chemotherapy or radiation and all of the associated difficulties, it can be hard to know how to support them.

According to American Cancer Society, chemo may damage the normal healthy blood-forming cells in the bone marrow cells, hair follicles, and cells in the mouth and digestive tract of the patients.

While the chemotherapy side effects vary greatly from person to person, the chemo patient may experience unpleasant adverse effects like nausea, vomiting, mouth and throat sores, numbness and pain from nerve damage, headaches, hair loss, fatigue, appetite loss, and more.

Chemotherapy Radiation Patient Gifts

Here are some great gift ideas that will help you start off in the right spot so that you are always giving the cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation something they can use practically.

They will thank you for these thoughtful and comfort gifts that improve their quality of life:

1. Oral Rinse Formulated for Dry Mouth Relief

Dry mouth and metallic taste are common side effects for patients receiving cancer treatments, so the alcohol-free and sugar-free Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse can really help. This mouthwash soothes oral tissues too, making it a great option for patients needing something to offer relief from soreness.

An alternative is Prevention Oncology Mouth Rinse formulated for patients with oral complications from chemotherapy and radiation, to ease mouth sores and sensitivities.

2. Fluoride Toothpaste to Ease Mouth Sore

Chemo and radiation therapy may decrease salivary flow that result in dental caries, whilst such treatment can also damage the cells in mouth and cause Oral Mucositis. This can lead to ulcers and pain severe enough that makes it difficult for the patient to eat, drink, swallow, and/or speak.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center recommends fluoride toothpaste as part of dental care for cancer patients. Look for Fluoride toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and with a mild taste, as flavoring may irritate the mouth. Extra soft toothbrush is also recommended, as cells in the oral cavity can be especially sensitive to chemotherapy.

3. Xylitol Mouth Spray as Saliva Stimulant

Production of saliva can be slowed down by cancer treatments. When salivary glands do not make sufficient saliva to keep the mouth wet, it can cause dry mouth (xerostomia). This effect cannot be addressed just by drinking more fluid, as water may dilute the salivary mucins required for oral health and still not relieve the symptoms.

Oral spray with Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in plants and used as sugar substitute, can help to stimulate saliva and inhibit bacterial growth in the patient’s mouth.

4. Chemotherapy Wear with Easy Port Access

Patients who wear normal clothing may experience discomfort and difficulty of accessing their ports during chemotherapy treatment, when doctor put a vascular device (portacath) into the patient’s vein.

Clothing with easy port access, such as ComfyChemo shirt for women and chemo wear with easy port zipper for men, are among the most practical and best gifts for someone going through chemotherapy. These specialty clothing designed by oncology nurses can really help to make the treatment easier for cancer patients undergoing chemo, with comfortable access.

5. PICC Line Protector or Cover

PICC stands for “peripherally inserted central catheter”. It is a thin, flexible tube that is inserted into the veins of a patient’s arm to administer IV medications during chemotherapy.

With a common risk and complication is infection at the area around where the PICC is inserted (especially with water comes into contact), getting the patient a LimbO waterproof PICC line protector for use during shower and bathing can help.

There are also soft and breathable PICC line covers, made in lightweight material, that can be worn under the clothing.

6. Arm Hand Warmer

Feeling cold in the hands is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment and cancer itself. Wrist arm hand warmer or hand warmer for cold outdoor activities can help, especially during winter.

7. Warm Inspiring Blanket for Physical Relief and Sentimental Comfort

Chemo room is usually temperature controlled, and most patients always feel cold when on chemotherapy and want to stay undercover most of the time. A common problem is that they don’t like the smell of the blanket provided by hospital, so it’s great idea to get one for their own use.

A blanket to snuggle in not only can keep warm, but it can deliver a sense of home comfort and bring mental calmness by reducing the anxiety/depression during and after chemotherapy.

If you do research on good blanket for cancer patients, you would see BlankieGram Healing Thoughts blanket as a top rated option, as evident by its countless excellent user reviews. Superior quality and unique design with inspiring messages on the blanket are what make it stand out among chemo / cancer patients.

You definitely should consider this awesome gift idea!

8. Dual-Control Electric Blanket

Some patients prefer electric blanket over weighted blanket, especially for those who go through Cold Cap Therapy that help chemotherapy patients to keep their hair.

Cold Cap therapy requires the patient to wear a special helmet-shaped ice cap that is cooled to very cold temperatures (eg. negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit) for a period of hours before, during and after each chemotherapy treatment. Electric blanket can keep the patient warm during this long period.

9. Touching DIY Chemo Quilt and Blanket for Chemotherapy Patients

Cannot find a blanket that you are looking for? Then why not make a caring gift by yourself?

Yes, making a large chemo quilt with quality batting or a collection of fabric can be time consuming, but giving a handmade gift to cancer patient can be more meaningful and touching than buying something from the store as present.

Check out the video below on how did Hannah Williston make chemo quilt/blanket for patients at Mayo Clinic, why did she do so, and what did chemotherapy patients say about this special DIY gift.

10. Weighted Blanket with Enormous Scientifically Proven Healthy Benefits

Weighted blanket are blankets that have weight added to them for therapeutic purposes, with the science behind is Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) that helps to increase the release of Serotonin — one of the chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) in the brain thought to regulate mood and happiness.

Many healthcare professionals use weighted blankets to promote deep restful sleep among patients, with research findings show weighted blanket can help to reduce anxiety while improve sleep disorders and insomnia.

One of the top choice is Quility premium weighted blanket, with unbelievable user reviews from 7,000+ happy buyers.

Indeed, medical studies also show weighted blanket can help autistic children with ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms.

11. Pillow with Silk Case or Your DIY Pillowcase

Chemotherapy may take a few hours, and a pillow can help the patient comfortable enough to fall asleep. Comfort is also critical for those spending a lot of time in bed, so silken sheets and a pillowcase are definitely great chemotherapy gift ideas that will mean a lot for the person suffering from chemo fatigue. You can even make a DIY pillowcase to go with it if you are good in sewing.

Otherwise, the heart-shaped Axilla pilla microbead pillow is also a good gift for post-op patients.

12. Cooling Pillow Mat For Cancer Patient with Night Sweats

Some patients will experience night sweats and headaches after cancer treatment. Cooling pillow mat, which can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator before use for extra chilliness, can help patients with trouble sleeping – especially during summer.

13. Neck Pillow, Sleep Mask, and Ear Plugs.

Sitting for chemo sessions can be tiring, and some patients may fall asleep during chemo. Neck pillow can keep the head, neck, and shoulder properly lined up to keep patient comfortable in hospital.

Cancer treatment can bring psychological side effects and emotional trauma that ultimately affect the sleep quality of patients. With such tension and stress that cause sleep problems, sleeping aids like sleep mask and noise-reducing ear plugs can help the patients become more relax and increase their chance of falling asleep.

MLVOC and Orian memory foam travel pillow set with sleep mask and earplugs are good choices.

14. Bamboo Cutlery to Counter Metallic Taste

Bamboo cutlery is recommended to counter the metallic taste in mouth after chemo treatment.

While eating meals with metal forks / spoons / knives may have electrochemical reactions that worsen the metallic taste feeling, non-metallic bamboo cutlery can help to restore the dignity of mealtime to cancer patients by neutralizing the unpleasant taste caused by metal cutlery.

This thoughtful gift can make the food taste better for the cancer patient.

15. Light Therapy Lamp with 10,000 Lux Light Intensity

As revealed by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, cancer treatments alongside cancer itself can affect many brain circuits and chemicals that eventually lead to side effects of depression, anxiety, and sleep disruption.

Research published in JAMA Psychiatry medical journal shows 10,000-Lux light therapy can improve non-seasonal depression.

Different than the normal indoor lighting in the range of 100 – 300 Lux (standardised unit of measurement of light level intensity), light therapy lamp like Verilux HappyLight mimic sunlight with a light intensity of 10,000 Lux and brings UV-free daylight indoors.

This can improve the mood of cancer patients and help them sleep better.

16. Water Bottle or Portable Slim Thermos Flask

Patients undergoing cancer and chemo treatment may experience side effects such as diarrhea or vomiting that lead to dehydration, when an excessive loss of body fluids occurs.

It is important for chemo patients to drink a lot of water and liquid to keep themselves hydrated, so a BPA-free stainless-steel / aluminum water bottle or a portable slim thermos flask to keep warm water is a practical gift to consider.

17. Caffeine-free Herbal Teas

These are great for those who need relief for nausea. Herbal teas like Essiac tea (recommended by some natural health experts for complementary cancer treatment however needs to consult doctor before use) and Chamomile tea tend to be good detoxing and calming agent, with the patient will enjoy the taste in mouth to help get rid of the metallic feel.

18. Anti-Nausea Wrist Band

You can check out Sea-Band wristband which works by using acupressure for natural nausea relief. It can help to relieve nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

There are also other more fashionable anti nausea wrist bands and bracelets available as options.

19. Anti-Nausea Candies and Munchies

Nausea is a common side effect for chemo patients, so make it a little easier on them by providing munchies that are going to give some relief from it. Whether they’re lollipops, candies, or gum, anti-nausea helpers are definitely a must. They offer great options for all those that are looking for some help in keeping their stomach intact and their food down whenever possible.

You can get anything with ginger in it, or even lemon. Gin Gins ginger chews and Queasy Drops are common gift suggestions for chemo patients to combat nausea.

20. Health Dietary Supplements That Boost Immune System

While patients should always consult doctor before taking health supplements to avoid interaction with conventional cancer treatment, WedMD revealed the increasing usage of dietary supplements and herbs to boost body immune system of cancer patient.

21. Stomach-friendly Snacks

Patients may get hungry during chemo and radiation sessions, or they simply want to eat out of boredom. While food in the hospital and clinics are not the tastiest for most people, provide some stomach-friendly snacks (such as Nutri-Grain bar) is helpful, especially considering cancer treatment can easily cause loss of appetite as a common side effect.

22. A Personal Blender or Self-Cleaning Blender

This is a practical kitchen item for cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation, because they may feel nauseous and could not keep solids down, while a mother can get too tired to cook after treatment when the fatigue side effect kicks in. A liquidiser for making smoothies or thick shakes can really help, whist a blender with self-cleaning function can save her work so that she can take more rest.

23. Disposable Wipes

Whether on the go or in the comfort of their own home, disposable wipes often are comforting for those who experience diarrhea or nausea after undergoing chemotherapy or radiation as part of treatment for cancers, such as pancreatic / endometrial cancer and leukemia. They come in unexpected times, and these can often be the only defence the patient has against it.

24. Unscented Cleansing Cloths For Skin and Body

There are times when cancer patients are inconvenient or unable to take shower especially after surgery, so items like Medline ReadyBath Select body cleansing cloths can become handy for them.

25. Icy Cooling Towel

This is a cooling towel that the patient can drape around themselves, as they need to keep themselves cool during frequent hot flashes or changes in temperature that they will feel more extremely. This will stay cool and refreshing for hours to give relief.

26. Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

Keeping germ free is critical when going through chemo. You can never go wrong with the hand sanitizer route, and you can have several to keep in different locations. Having it around when the patients needs it will really mean a lot.

27. Unscented Mild Soap To Soothe Skin Itchiness

Skin may be irritated and become itchy after chemo and radiation treatment as common side effect, and unscented mild soap like Alra with glycerin and olive oil can bring soothing effect on the skin.

28. Comforting Skin Moisturizer to Counter Chemo / Radiation Side Effects

Skin is often dry and sensitive during chemo and radiation treatment, so unscented gentle moisturizer or lotion is a comforting gift idea and they will really help cancer patients who need the support in terms of their skin issues.

A great option that will really make the difference according to user feedback is Jeans Moisturizing Cream, that contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and tocopheryl acetate. This moisturizing cream is formulated to protect or heal the skin from radiation side effects, and is recommended by some doctors and nurses for cancer patients.

29. Soothing Balm For Hand and Foot

Cancer treatments can cause hand-foot syndrome, also known as palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia. This side effect can lead to swelling, pain and redness on the the soles of the feet and/or palms of the hands. Topical pain relievers such as Topricin cream or LindiSkin soothing balm may help, while Burt’s Bees tips and toes kit is a good gift set for hand and foot care.

30. Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

Scalp can get itchy, dry, and painful after chemotherapy. This Alra conditioning shampoo with gentle cleanser, specifically formulated for cancer patients during and after chemo or radiation treatment, received good feedback from users.

31. Long Handled Bath / Shower Body Brush

Patients may have restricted movement and difficulty to reach to wash their back during bath or shower because of surgery, and a long handled body brush can be a convenient help.

32. Nail Moisturizer or Nail Clipper

Chemotherapy can cause nails on fingers and toes to become dark, yellowish, brittle and crack easily. While chemo drugs such as Taxanes and Doxorubicin can cause nail disorders, clip the nails short for imperfections show up less in short nails, while nail moisturizer can help improve dry brittle nails.

33. Pill Pulverizer or Crusher

These are available in different sizes and shapes. They allow for pills to be pulverized and crushed so that they can be put into a drink, making it easier for many patients to take all of their medications without a fight to get the pills down.

34. Aromatherapy Essential Oils as Complementary Therapy

Studies show aromatherapy may help as a complementary therapy for people with cancer, says Cancer Research UK.

According to National Cancer Institute, cancer patients use aromatherapy primarily as supportive care for general well-being, with the therapeutic use of essential oils from plants can help to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

With aromatherapy has been used with conventional cancer treatments as well as other complementary treatments – popular natural essential oils made of Lavender or Peppermint are good gifts for patients to help them relax and lift their mood.

35. Massage Kit or Infrared BioMat To Reduce Pain and Aching

Massage therapy can give comfort to those who have a lot of aches, pains, and worry. Gentle massage kits like HoMedics can offer a lot of relief to those who need it in tough times, while there are cancer patients who find Far Infrared Amethyst Bio Mat can help to reduce pain and aching.

36. Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

Chemo can cause muscle and nerve problems such as numbness, a heating pad to be put on neck and shoulder can help to relieve some of these side effects.

37. TENS Devices for Pain Relief

TENS stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”, a commonly used nonpharmacologic and noninvasive treatment for pain using mild electrical current. There are small battery-operated TENS devices with muscle stimulator like iReliev that can help to relieve muscle pain.

38. Compression Stockings For Swelling Legs

Swelling of limbs after chemotherapy may happen when chemo drugs causes fluid retention in the body, most commonly in the feet and ankles. Patients who encounter these side effects should elevate their feet as often as possible, and wearing TED hose or Jobst compression stockings may help if the swelling is severe on leg.

39. Exercise Kit for Hand and Fingers

The patient may feel too weak for outdoor exercise after chemo or radiation therapy, so exercise kit for their hand and finger is good: Consider Theraputty, light Gripmaster hand exerciser, finger strengthener, and so on. This is also helpful for patients with lung / neck / throat cancer who has peripheral neuropathy side effects like numbness in hands after chemo or radiation therapy.

40. A Magazine Subscription with Unlimited Reading Online

Most people love to read magazines of all kinds, but don’t have the time. This is the perfect excuse for you to let the patients treat themselves by reading magazines that they like, including those celebrity or gossip magazines. Magazine makes a great gift option, as it is short enough to keep the patients’ attention but long enough to successfully pass the time and help them move toward success in terms of the end of the sessions.

According to Cancer Research UK, chemotherapy is not usually a single treatment, with a course of chemotherapy usually takes between 3 to 6 months, involving multiple treatment cycles and sessions.

If you do not have the time to visit the patient frequently and bring a long magazines/books for them, you may consider a magazine subscription with unlimited reading so that they can enjoy reading the magazines they like anytime and anywhere on smart phones and the web.

41. Kindle e-Reader

Kindle provides convenience to reader in several ways, including ease of carry with hundreds of book in one small device rather than heavy physical books, no need to worry about bent pages and storage of paperback books, ability to highlight and share sentences that the reader likes, etc.

It’s a general observation that one can read much more books on a Kindle than physically, which is also translated to more learning opportunities.

42. Cushion Bean Bag Holder for Tablet and Book

If the cancer patient already has a tablet or e-Reader, an adjustable cushion bean bag like iBeani can help to hold the device (and book) at any angle to free up both the patient’s hands for easy browsing in bed, at the desk, basically anywhere. This comforting gift will help avoid achy wrists and hands.

43. Audio Books

Listening to audio books is a good digital gift idea for patients who feel too tired to read after chemo treatment, or simply because their body is weaker because of the cancer itself. Audio book is also suitable for slow reader or those with weaker eyesight.

A great option is Audible, whereby your gift recipient can enjoy listening to an unmatched selection of audiobooks anytime / anywhere.

44. Netflix Streaming Service Subscription

When cancer patients have access to a wide range of entertainment on TV or mobile devices like smartphone and tablet, they can be entertained whenever that want.

45. A Journal or Day Planner

Give the patient a planner to help them stay organized throughout the chemo treatment by noting down the appointments –

or a journal that they can write about their feelings, information and instructions from doctor, or questions the patients may have for the doctor or nurse.

The CanPlan Cancer Planner made to help patient fight cancer day by day is certainly an excellent choice, while a good alternative is this handmade leather journal gift set which comes with premium metallic pen and secret pen holder.

46. File Organizer

The last thing the patients wants to worry is their medical charts, receipts, paperwork, etc. Keep it all together as they get it, and categorize it with a handy file organizer would be helpful. It will give freedom to make the most out of the patient’s time without searching around, as these items will all be available in a common file organizer when the patient needs them.

47. Puzzles and Crosswords

Whether they are small, detailed, easy or are in some sort of Rubik’s cube option, a puzzle can often present a good option for all of those who are looking for a task to settle their minds on. Handheld games or an old fashioned metal link puzzler are great for those who need something to do with their hands. They are great when the patients get stressed or worried, because it keeps them moving and working on something. It’s easily done with companions, too.

48. Activity Books

An activity book that will give the patient some fun activities to do, both alone and with someone who tags along. Large print and easy to do, activity books are great for those idle times when the patients do not feel like doing much else.

A variety book is always a good option, because the patients will be able to skip around to different kinds when they need a change in pace. You can get themed ones, too, so if you find one focused on what they love, they’ll really appreciate the effort and thought that went into it.

49. Playing Cards

Even if the patient was never much of a card person, playing different kinds of cards can help the patients to get their life into order in terms of passing time and give them something else to focus on. This brain exercise can help to manage “chemo brain” that may affect focus and concentration.

50. Soothing Music

Chemo is boring, and could be scary. Help them take the mind off of what is going on with some soothing music. You can consider building a YouTube playlist, create playlists in MP3 player, or burn a mix-CD. iTunes gift card is also an option.

51. Gift Related To The Patient’s Hobbies

Most people have hobbies, so you can give the cancer patients something related to their hobbies. If she likes knitting, buy her knitting needles and yarn; If he likes chess, get him good quality chess or board games then play together with him.

52. Highly Absorbent Briefs For Patient With Incontinence

Cancer treatments can increase the patient’s risk of incontinence, with chemo may strain the muscles controlling urination, and radiation may irritate the bladder, says the American Society of Clinical Oncology. While there is no lack of incontinence products, TENA brief with heavy absorbency is one of the best practical item to help people with incontinence issue.

53. Washable Underpad Bed Protector

For patients with incontinence issues after cancer treatment, a waterproof underpad bed sheet protector can absorb leaked liquid while helps the patients to sleep more comfortably.

54. Bedside Commode

For on the go bathroom needs, a bedside commode is a practical idea that will allow the cancer patients to dispose of their waste and nausea or vomiting as they need to, as there are times when there is such an urgency that the patient may not make it to the restroom. This also applies to bladder cancer patients who went through biological therapy that may cause side effects like frequent urination or urgent need to urinate, according to the Cancer Support Community.

Put in a private spot, this will be a huge help to those who need it – without feeling embarrassed.

55. Foldable Bed Table or Serving Tray

A great practical item for those on the couch or in bed for a lot of time each day. Gives lots of variety to those who need them, and is great for when someone comes to visit and they both want to enjoy a cup of tea.

56. Medical Adjustable Overbed Table With Wheels

Multi-purpose medical overbed bedside table can be used by the patients to work with laptop or simply enjoy their meals while in bed. The table height is adjustable, to be raised or lowered.

57. Lap Desk with Cushion For Frequent Laptop User

A cancer patient may frequently use laptop for web browsing, watching TV, playing games, or even working – especially for those who run their own business. They may be using laptop on bed, while sitting comfortably on couch to rest, during chemo sessions, and so on.

Frequent laptop users love this Bamboo laptop lap desk with cushion so it’s a good gift option.

58. Recliner or Adjustable Bed Wedge with Memory Foam

Having a recliner at home would be helpful for patients unable to sleep lying down; Else can consider adjustable bed wedge, a specially formed pillow that will let the patient sleeps or sits in various different positions as need to, great for those who are trying to stay comfortable as they are resting in bed or on the couch.

59. Inflatable Shampoo Basin

An uncommon option, an inflatable shampoo basin is one that can be used while on bedrest for the patient to give themselves a good washing, including their hair. You’d be surprised how important it is for a female cancer patient to be clean.

60. Bed Side Assist Rail To Prevent Falling

According to American Academy of Family Physicians, falls accounting for 70% of accidental deaths in elderly persons aged 75 years old and above, with the common causes of falls in the elderly includes fall from bed.

While there are adjustable bed rails that prevent falls, this modern Medokare hospital grade bed rail is one of the best user-rated adult bed side assist rail that helps elderly person and post-surgery patient to get in and out of bed safely.

61. Patient Positioning Sheet

Positioning sheet like Super Sling allows the caretakers to lift, turn, and transfer the patient on bed more easily. This will help to reduce strain on the shoulders and back of the caretakers, while the cancer patient can receive better care with less effort and more security.

62. Ostomy Odor Eliminator

Patients suffering from colorectal cancers (including colon/rectal/bowel cancer) may go through the life-saving ostomy surgery or colostomy/ileostomy. After the surgery, patients may use heavy-duty plastic bag or ostomy pouch that wear outside of body to collect waste, and ostomy pouch deodorant can help to eliminate the odor.

63. Cord-free Caregiver Wireless Bed Alarm – Helpful For Midnight

Smart Caregiver wireless bed alarm system will sound when the patient is getting up from their bed and lifts their weight from the bed pad, in which the alarm can be installed outside the room with the caregiver. This is especially helpful when the patient is getting up in midnight and requires assistance.

64. Bathtub Transfer Bench

When the body is weakened by chemo and radiation therapy, an elderly cancer patient may have difficulty to enter and exit the bathtub safely and independently. In this case, getting an adjustable lightweight bathtub transfer bench can really help.

65. Shower Chair or Stool

Fatigue is a common side effect of chemo-sufferers and some of them cannot stand for long, so consider the option of a shower chair so that those who are suffering from it can take a shower and be clean without wearing themselves out to the point where they are simply too tired to stand in the shower.

66. Sliding Transfer Bench For Best Safety in Bathroom

Based on statistics revealed by the U.S. CDC, each year, 2.8 million older people (aged 65 and above) are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries, with about 20% of falls causes a serious injury such as head injury or broken bones.

The professional grade Carousel sliding transfer bench and bath/shower chair with swivel seat is designed for maximum safety in bathroom.

Watch the video below and check out these 780+ actual user reviews on what they say — you would see this is one of the best practical gift for elderly cancer / chemo patient and senior person with higher risks of slip and falling in bathroom.

Women Gifts for Female Chemo and Cancer Patients (esp. Breast Cancer)

Cancer is a terrible disease that impacts a lot of people, and no one wants to see it on the rise.

Unfortunately, in the United States alone, statistic shows around 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer during her lifetime, while about 268,600 American women are estimated to be newly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in year 2019.

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, she needs support to help her get through this tough time.

Chemo Gift Cancer Patient Woman

These gift ideas will help her relieve the side effects that she feels during cancer treatment and after, while it also will give her some things to keep her mind in the positive place it needs to be to battle it.

Take a look through and customize these ideas as you need to, while don’t miss out on the best gifts for a breast cancer patient that we’ve included in below.

67. Make-up Kit For Eyebrow and Eyelashes

Fun to play around with and great for women who want to give the appearance of eyebrows. With losing eyebrow and eyelashes is a common distressing side effect of chemo and radiation treatment associated with women cancers like cervical cancer and ovarian cancer, make up kit with eyeliner and eyebrow palette or pen is gift that can help her to keep herself looking as natural as possible.

68. Cookbook Recipe for Cancer Patients

Healthy eating diets are critical for any cancer patient throughout the treatment process, and even for cancer survivors.

So cookbook with great recipes to fight cancer is certainly superb idea – especially if she loves to cook!

These 3 award-winning cookbooks are great choices:

69. Water-based Nail Polish

If she likes to wear nail polish and she cares very much on nail appearance, you can consider giving her lovely water-based polish, as chemo may cause fingernails and toenails to become yellowish and dark. Do not buy conventional nail polishes because they can contain chemicals that a cancer patient’s nails may be sensitive of.

70. Chemo Scarf or Head Wrap for Hair Loss

According to Canadian Cancer Society, hair loss is a common side effect that often starts 2 to 3 weeks after chemotherapy or radiation treatment begins.

While having her hair fall out after chemotherapy is not going to be pleasant, you can make it much more enjoyable with a chemo scarf or head wrap that is going to help her feel fashionable and cute, while keep her hair loss in check.

Check out these tips to choose chemo scarves for cancer patients. Get her a variety of styles and options, like pre-tied bandanas and stylish chemo hats, so that she can switch back and forth depending on how she’s feeling that day. What seems as a small switch to you, could be a big one to her.

71. Vaginal Lubricant or Moisturising Gel

Chemotherapy can result in vaginal dryness, when chemo adversely affect the ovaries and cause insufficient production of estrogen and vaginal lubrication. With vaginal dryness can cause painful intercourse, vaginal lubricant can help her to feel more comfortable during sex.

72. Recovery Robe for Breast Cancer and Surgery Recovery

Recovery garments specifically designed for breast cancer patient after surgery can really help, because breast surgical procedure like mastectomy can impact their daily tasks, particularly getting dressed.

Check out these actual user reviews, and you’ll see recovery garment with bra and robe combination is a thoughtful gift for breast cancer patients to make their recovery more comfortable and bearable.

Such special garment has pockets to hold post-operative drains, a front-closure bra, pockets to hold ice packs, and other designs that help the breast cancer patient during treatment and post-surgery recovery.

73. Post-Surgery Shower Pockets

Taking shower can be a real challenge for breast cancer patient after surgery, and these specially designed shower pockets that hold post-surgery drain can help her to shower without needing help from someone else. This is another thoughtful and practical gift that can smooth the recovery process.

74. Practical Drainage Pouch Holders

Similarly, these breast cancer mastectomy drainage pouch holders are for usage during shower and the rest of the time.

And this post-surgical drain solution with adjustable cotton waist belt and shower bag is another very good alternative.

The user reviews and feedback show these practical aids are excellent gift ideas for breast cancer patients.

75. Soft Seatbelt Cushion for Mastectomy

This will make the car rides more comfortable for breast cancer surgery patient that has gone through mastectomy, by avoiding or reducing pain often caused by normal seat belt on post-surgery area.

76. Medical Alert ID Bracelet for Breast Cancer Patient

If you click on the photo then roll over the image to zoom in, you will see this bracelet has the (customizable) wording “BREAST CANCER NO NEEDLE OR BP ON LEFT ARM” laser engraved on it.

What does this mean, and how does it help?

While debatable among medical professionals, many doctors often advise the patients that the arm on side of surgery should avoid needle pricks, blood pressure check, Intravenous therapy (IV), and blood draws. This is to avoid Lymphedema which refers to swelling in a limb due to fluid build up, most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to lymph nodes due to cancer treatment.

For example, in the case that single mastectomy or lumpectomy was performed on the woman’s left side, doctors may advise the patient not to use the left arm for blood pressure (BP) test, etc.

Wearing this medical bracelet on the affected arm may help the patient, esp. during emergency.

77. Breast Cancer Awareness Charm

There are various breast cancer awareness bracelets and charms that you can choose from – such as pandora, lokai, paracord, swarovski, alex and ani that are available in the form of rubber / silicone / jewelry. Personalized breast cancer awareness wristbands can also be considered.

78. Scar Diminishing Gel

Surgery scar can be demoralizing, especially for women. Scar diminishing gels such as Kelo-Cote and Dermatix can help to improve the appearance of scar by softening and flatten the scar. It may also relieve the itching and pain associated with the post-surgery scars.

79. Post-Surgery Bra That Fits Her

In video below, Julie A. O’Brien, MD from Parkland Medical Center shares her insights on “what bra should patients wear after breast cancer surgery”.

Breast cancer patient will likely experience some discomfort or pain after surgery, with post-surgery front closure sport bra or soft wireless bra designed for surgery recovery are normally recommended. However, this gift idea can be a challenge as you may not know the exact bra size that suits her.

80. Salon Gift Card

Whether it’s to prepare their hair for the process of chemo by cutting it short, or simply giving women a chance to enjoy their hair for the time they have left with it, salon cards make good gifts for cancer patients going through chemo. They are also great for eyelash and eyebrow care as well.

Regardless it’s for grandmum, mother, aunt, sister, or just a colleague — this will be appreciated.

81. Restaurant Gift Card

Restaurant gift cards will give those who are suffering from fatigue and busy schedules, a way to eat and keep their strength up. Worth the peace of mind, too, for the rest of the cancer patient family.

Gifts for Male Cancer and Chemo Patients

When you have someone in your life that is going through chemotherapy, your world changes and shifts, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. The priorities change, your connection grows stronger, it’s truly a different stage in life.

If you have a loved one, a family member, or a friend who is having chemotherapy right now, you might be wanting to get him a little something, but aren’t sure what would be the best option to get the job done.

Chemo Care Package Kit Man

Not worry, we’ve put together some great options for the man in your life dealing with chemo, gifts that will make you both smile.

82. Soft Clothing

No matter how “manly” your loved one is, he’s going to find that chemotherapy is going to give him the chills and irritation in his skin. As such, comfortable clothing in the form of fuzzy sweaters and soft pants, big thick blankets, it all goes a long way. He’s going to find a large need for that kind of material when he goes in for his treatments.

According to MedlinePlus and Cancer Research UK, man who are treated for cancers (including prostate cancer and lymphoma) are likely to have night sweats and hot flashes during or after treatment. So extra soft shirts for him to change are practical gifts for man with cancer.

83. Beanie or Chemotherapy Headgear For Men

Most lose their hair when they go through chemotherapy or radiation. If you want to make sure that he keeps his style in check, then get a soft and warm beanie for him to wear.

The environment of chemotherapy room can be very cold too, so headgear like these mens beanie and chemo hats to cover the head can be helpful. He’ll appreciate the comfort, the warmth, and the fact that he can hide the hair loss if he chooses.

Get him one with a funny slogan, if he likes that kind of thing, or go plain. Give him a variety pack, whatever feels right.

84. Donut Pillow / Cushion For Post-Surgery Sitting Comfort

For man with testicular cancer or penile cancer that goes through orchiectomy or penectomy surgery on male genital area, he may experience discomfort while sitting within the weeks after surgical procedure. Siting on a donut pillow / cushion may help.

85. Fleecy Microwavable Wheat Wrap

With pains and aches and common side effects of cancer treatment, various sizes of soft wrap with natural wheat that can be heated in the microwave can provide relief to muscle ache at the back, neck, or other body parts that he feels the pain.

86. Natural Aluminum-free and Parabens-free Body Deodorant

For male patients who have been using deodorants to prevent body odor in armpits and other areas of the body, you can consider to get them natural body deodorants that do not contain aluminum and parabens, as these chemicals may cause inflammation or sensitivity to skin that has been exposed to radiation therapy.

87. Hydrating Lip Balm

This is totally “girl stuff”, right? Not really.

His body changes when it goes through chemotherapy. It weakens and it needs help to keep its parts comfortable as equally important as the soft clothing, are the moisturizers.

His skin will become irritated and he needs to keep it as strong and comfortable as possible with good quality moisturizing options in mild soaps, creams with lanolin, and lip balm that prevents drying, cracking, and sores.

Go ahead and get him unscented hydrating lip balm such as Aquaphor Lip Repair, make sure that you keep these as unscented as possible.

Whether it’s for grandfather, dad, uncle, brother, or just a friend — he’ll appreciate it.

88. Moustache / Beard Care Kit

Chemo can cause beard loss. If he loves his beard or moustache and does not want to shave them off during cancer treatment, then getting him a beard care kit with unscented beard oil can help to make him look good. This can be a Father’s Day gift idea too!

89. A Travel Bag or Backpack to Keep It All In

It doesn’t matter if he loses stuff normally or not, having a bag to keep all of his chemo things in is important. It enables him to just tuck it away unseen in a closet until he needs it, if that helps him deal with it.

Chemo Care Gifts for Child Patients and Kids With Cancer

Australia Children’s Cancer Institute indicated leukemia, brain cancer, and lymphoma are among the most common childhood cancers.

Knowing a little child diagnosed with cancer is heartbreaking, so what to put in a chemo care package for child and the kid’s family to make them feel better?

90. Gold Colour “Together We Fight” Wristbands

For child with cancer, the family members and friends can show moral support by wearing the motivational “Together We Fight” wristbands – together with the patient.

Suggest to choose gold colour wristbands, as gold ribbon brings awareness to childhood cancer —
just as Texas Children’s Hospital campuses celebrated “Going Gold” in the childhood cancer awareness month of September in video below.

91. Gentle Sleeping Balm For Kids

A thoughtful and comfort gift idea for kid with cancer, as child patient may not be sleeping well after chemotherapy and cancer treatment, while this will also add on burden to the family and caregiver.

Using sleeping balm as part of the bedtime routine can help prepare the kids for a good night’s sleep, such as the Badger Night-Night Balm with natural ingredients is one specifically formulated for kids. Indeed some adult patients also find this useful with its calming effects.

92. Nosey Cups

Flexi Nosey cups are great creations with a cutout area for the nose, that allow for a patient to lie down and enjoy a drink freely without tilting their head back. Available in different sizes, these cups are very suitable for children as kids can see the liquid as it approaches their lips, and the flexible material allow the cups to be squeezed to control and direct the flow of fluid.

Sometimes, when the patient’s mouth is just too sore, liquified food is the only way to get nutrition down in a rough situation, and these innovative cups (or sippy cups) can really help the kids.

Don’t underestimate simple straws that make drinking easier too.

93. A Reliable Forehead and Ear Thermometer with Accurate Measurement

According to Cleveland Clinic, cancer treatment may weaken a patient’s immune system to fight off infection, with chemo may reduce white blood cells and cause neutropenic fever that can become a medical emergency, with some may even become life-threatening.

A good reliable thermometer for the child cancer patient’s family is helpful for parents and caregivers to get accurate body temperature readings of the young children, whenever necessary.

94. Need Ideas to Choose Interesting Kid Toys and Games for Young Patients?

A simple reason why toy is an USD $88 billion industry and the $63 billion video game industry is not far behind with continuous annual growth trend: Kids (and even adults) love toys and games!

You can’t go wrong by including toys in chemo care package for child.

For those who often face challenge in choosing a toy gift (as Christmas / birthday present in normal days) —

You can get great gift ideas in this list of best selling toys and games that also shows latest new toy release in the market, or you can shop toys by different children’s age groups here so you can surely find interesting gift that is suitable for any child!

95. Kid-Friendly Portable Mini-Projector For Entertainment Anytime / Anyplace

CINEMOOD 3-In-1 portable cinema projector allows the kids to watch Disney cartoons, bedtime stories, etc. This portable device allows the cancer patient to project contents onto any flat surface, making it a good gift for child to keep entertained anytime / anyplace including during chemo treatment or staying in hospital where movie can be projected onto ceiling or wall.

Funny Gifts for Cancer Patients and Make Them Laugh

With laughter is the best medicine, consider FuNnY GiFts for cancer patients with a SeNSe of HuMor!

These are also great ideas as Christmas presents to cheer up someone going through chemo and radiation, so that the cancer patient can celebrate festive season in a light-hearted way.

96. Humorous Fuzzy Socks

We’ve intentionally left out warm fuzzy socks from the “thoughtful and comfort gifts idea” list at the top, because we want to include it under this “funny gifts for cancer patients” category.

Check out this funny socks for cancer / chemo patient and this pair of adorable fuzzy socks for wine drinking patients

By looking at what people say about them, you will certainly see some laughing faces when you give these away!

97. A Funny Get Well Gift Plant

This TickleMe get well gift plant can make the patient smile, as it drops its branches and folds its leaves when you tickle it or blow it a kiss!

98. Cute Dammit Dolls To Be Slammed

As a healthy way for the cancer patients to achieve stress management, these dolls are creatively designed to withstand whacking against any hard surface, so the cancer patient can slam the doll to relieve stress and then get a laugh!

Dammit dolls are very popular gift items for friends, colleagues, or family members who feel down or stressed up.

99. A Gag Gift… like Smack a Sack

Check out this stress relief sack with stress balls — wanna squeeze them to release some tension?

100. Hilarious Colouring Books For Kids and Adults

Colouring is great to do alone or with friends, with The Farting Animals coloring book is a good choice for kids.

Adult colouring books are all of the rage, too, so help them find a way to relaxation through a colouring book and pencils so that the cancer patients can make some art without thinking about it too much about the task at hand.

Why not give the popular F*ck Off, I’m Coloring! or this inappropriate self-affirming adult coloring book a try?

101. Just For Fun Face Coasters

If you want to have some fun together with the cancer patients, especially during Christmas party or other occasions with lots of people, check out how people enjoy having these funny face drink coasters that bring laughter.

102. Happy Pills For Laughter

Yeah, we know chemo patients hate medical pills — but they’ll love these Just For Laughs Happy Pills. When feeling blue, just squeeze and plush bursts out in laughter to lift the spirits.

Inspirational and Motivational Gifts for Cancer Survivors and Patients

Depression is not only a common emotional side effect on patients undergoing cancer treatment, as a study on 3370 working-age cancer survivors reported by the U.S. National Library of Medicine found about 20% of cancer survivors show moderate to high level of depression, and about 40% of survivors have moderate to high level of anxiety.

Breast Cancer Survivors Awareness Gift

While items like 10,000 Lux light therapy lamp and aromatherapy essential oils that we’ve suggested earlier are great gifts for cancer survivors and patients to lift their mood —

Here are some additional inspiring gift ideas that can help to boost the confidence and determination of cancer patients / survivors to battle cancer. These are also good presents to consider, if you are looking for a 5 year cancer survivor gift or celebrating cancer free anniversary with someone you care.

103. Inspirational Books Written by Cancer Fighters and Survivors

A series or a stand alone novel are perfect for tucking into a bag before heading off to treatment. Get a good book that even if the patient only reads the first 20 pages, they’ll appreciate it during treatment. Make sure it’s a book that is free from anything too heavy or serious, so don’t buy books with sad or depressing contents. Make sure it’s a true novel that will give them something to escape to.
Cancer patients do tend to be more attuned to motivational books or options, so look into something like that for them to focus on when they need to grasp at something positive and totally separate from the reality that is around them. They can read these at home, or when they are undergoing chemotherapy and treatments.

Here are some good choices of inspirational and motivational books for cancer patients, including the top rated “Both Sides of the Bedside“.

For someone terminally ill, it’s recommended to check out the inspiring book “Driving Miss Norma“.

104. Motivational Movies / Videos – True Stories

Check out motivational movies for cancer patients, like “50/50” as true story on spinal cancer patient, documentary film “One In Nine” on 9 breast cancer survivors, and book-turned-movie “The Last Lecture” of professor Randy Pausch with terminal pancreatic cancer, etc.

One Mississippi by Tig Notaro, a breast cancer survivor who had double mastectomy, worth a mention here for those who like dark comedy and accept “cancer can be funny too”.

105. An Inspiring Pendant Necklace For Breast Cancer Fighter and Survivor

Many find this boxing glove pendant necklace with pink ribbon is inspiring, as the great design of this inexpensive gift encourages the survivors and chemo patients to fight against breast cancer.

106. An Uplifting “What Cancer Cannot Do” Bracelet / Ring

This bracelet has imprinted bolstering phrases that can continuously remind the cancer patients that they cannot “ripple love, shatter hope, corrode faith” and so on that encourage the patients to keep going.

There are many more cancer survivor jewelry that you can check out here, including the high end / sterling silver breast cancer survivor fine jewelries.

107. Willow Tree Figurines

These are series of hand carved figurative sculptures that are good inspirational and motivational gifts for cancer patients / survivors, or even as cancer remission or cancerversary gifts for beating cancer. Therea are many suitable figurines to select from, with the most popular choices for cancer patients are:

108. Mugs or Shirts with Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

You are spoiled for options, as there are tons of these merchandise that you can buy as uplifting gifts for your friend, co-worker, and others who are living with cancer or survived the cancer.

Breast cancer awareness / survivor shirts with quotes are among the most popular choice of gifts for breast cancer survivors.

109. Gifts That Encourage Physical Activities and Exercises For Better Health

Medscape revealed a research on unmet needs of 1514 cancer survivors, with the study shows “the most frequent unmet need, reported by 38.2% of respondents, was physical“.

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, cancer survivors should be physically active to reduce recurrence risk of some cancers, while regular physical activity and active lifestyle can also help to improve the cancer survivors’ self-esteem and emotional/mental health.

So send them a Yoga gift, or a Fitbit fitness activity tracker that tracks activity etc, with the objective to motivate and encourage the cancer survivors / patients to exercise and improve health.

Getting a quit smoking program for cigarette smoker with lung cancer is also a caring gift idea.
Need more ideas to motivate the cancer patient?

Share the video below to her/him, and these 5 inspiring cancer survivors will definitely give hope!

Chemotherapy Gift Basket and Chemo Care Package Kit for Cancer Patient

Many cancer patients find themselves going through the often grueling experience of chemotherapy as they battle this life-changing disease and move on with their lives.

If you are on the sidelines and trying to find a way to help them out as they work at coming through it, you may look into getting them an off the shelf chemotherapy gift basket or chemo care package kit.

As the name suggests, this is a get well basket full of all sorts of goodies to give to chemo patients that will give them the treatment and care that they need to get through this rough time.

110. Bundled Chemo Care Package for Men

This is a good gift basket for chemo patient, with 10 thoughtful items to help him fight cancer.

And here are other options of chemo care package for man

covering helpful gifts such as comfort socks for men, super soft fleece blanket / throw, anti-nausea Queasy Drops, crossword puzzles to help pass time, and much more.

You can also take a look at the men gifts that we our mentioned above and add on items that you see helpful to the male patient, like chemotherapy headgear for men experiencing hair loss after cancer treatment.

111. Chemotherapy Gift Basket for Women

This Chemo Pack for Her contains comforting gifts like pashmina shawl to keep warm, and axillapilla pillow that supports her back or neck during chemo treatment. These stuff, alongside other thoughtful items like anti nausea candy and crossword book that help her to escape boredom, are packed in a stylish duffel bag.

An alternative is this big chemotherapy gift basket with 18 items, including Pashmina wrap scarf, Biotene mouth rinse to relieve dry mouth as common side effect of chemo treatment, and much more.

112. Gifts Package for Breast Cancer Surgery Patients

This is a well-received breast cancer gift set for women, in which you can also add on our recommended gifts for breast cancer patients as mentioned above, with very practical and thoughtful items like breast cancer surgery recovery robe, post-surgery shower pockets, or post-operative drainage pouch holders.

A practical Double Mastectomy package gift bag is also available.

113. Chemo Care Package For Child in Hospital

This is a chemo care package for child that you can choose the option of “girl” or “boy” . This chemo bucket contains items like cozy fleece throw, activity / coloring book, lip balm, children’s character toothbrush, fruit snacks, etc.

114. Radiation and Chemo Patient Gifts Package Kit

With radiation and chemo drugs may cause various skin-related side effects like itchiness, redness, dryness etc — getting this Alra skincare bundle kit for chemo patient is a good choice, while the alternative is Lindi Skincare cancer care package for cancer patient going through radiation.

115. Simple DIY Chemo Gift Basket and Chemo Care Kit

No off-the-shelf chemo care bundled gifts kit or chemotherapy gift basket that meet your expectation? Then why not have a DIY version of gift basket for cancer patient and his/her family?

This monster guide has listed over a hundred chemo patient gift basket ideas, with a variety of things that can be put into a basket / bag / box to help the patients. So just choose then pack them up, and you have your caring DIY chemo patient care package ready for your loved one!

Check out this video if you need some inspiration on how to make a DIY chemo care package kit.

Lovely Gifts for Terminally ill Patients or Someone Dying of Cancer

It’s really devastating to see our loved ones approaching their end.

Regardless whether the cancer patients are spending the rest of life at home or bedridden in hospital / hospice, there are very few physical things that are needed at this point in their life.

Gifts for Terminal Cancer Dying Patients

The best gift you can give someone dying of cancer is your love, time, and your presence – being there for them. In case the patient is still physically able to get around, you can take him/her to places that he/she always wanted to go and spend some quality time together.

If you would like to give lovely thoughtful items to cheer them up, here are some good gift ideas for terminal cancer patients:

116. CD/MP3 with Voice Messages (like VoiceQuilt)

Before VoiceQuilt closed down in year 2013, it offers people to leave heartfelt messages to their loved one and make the recorded messages available in a wooden keepsake box, which was an unique gift for someone in the process of dying.

You can adopt the similar idea by recording voice messages of terminal cancer patient’s family members and friends into a CD or MP3 playlist, so that the patient can listen to them and feel the love.

117. Memory Book or Photo Album

Create a memory book, scrapbook, or album filled with family photos or pictures with cancer patient’s loved one can be comforting, while you can also add on your own writing to share your feeling and thoughts.

It’s recommended to make smaller and lighter albums / books (such as this 4×6 Family Tree Photo Album) so that the weakening patient can hold them more easily.

118. Personalized Video of Special Moments

Bring back the good memories and special moments with videos is a good gift idea for terminally ill person. You can edit from past videos, make video clips compilation, or put together interesting photos into video format.

If you don’t have the time to make this personalized video, you can consider engage freelancers at Fiverr to get it done at low cost.

Watch these videos together with the cancer patient and share the great time together — your effort will surely be appreciated.

119. “Write Now, Read Later” Letters / Journals

These gifts allow someone dying of cancer to write down and preserve his/her life stories as keepsakes for grandchild.

Journal ‘Memories for My Grandchild‘ and ‘Letters to My Grandchild‘ are excellent choices for grandpa / grandmother at the end of life.

120. Personalized Photo Throw Woven Blanket

Make a customized woven blanket with your chosen photo(s) to create a heart-warming present that can wrap him/her up with your love. You can order such personalized blanket online. This gift can also be a memorable keepsake after the cancer patient pass away eventually.

121. Memorial Plants / Trees

Memorial plant is a popular way to memorialize a life, so consider getting the terminal cancer patient a remembrance tree / bush / flower and plant it in a meaningful location.

Let the patient nurtures the plant if he/she still has the energy, let them feel the hope by watching the plant grow while knowing the family and friend will have the memory after his/her passing.
Check out the video below for more end of life care package ideas.

Bonus Tip #1: What Gifts to NOT give to Cancer Patients

Do you know some of the worst gifts for cancer patients?

Don’t miss out the important tips in video below, and make sure you avoid these terrible mistakes!


Bonus Tip #2: What Else You Can Do to Help Cancer Patient (Besides Gift)

It is common that you want to help out a person with cancer, but you are not sure what to do.

While there are no hard rules of how to support and help someone with cancer because each illness and individual’s situation may vary, here are several ways that caregiver can lend a hand:

  • Be a good listener. Cancer patients may not want to talk much about their illness for various reasons. But when they want to talk about it, you can be a good listener and understand their feelings, but avoid giving advice to cancer patient unless you are asked.
  • Help out to do household chores. Whether it’s you yourself, or a maid, find someone to help her at home with the cooking and/or the cleaning. It may be a small thing, but it will mean a lot to her and will help her focus her energies on getting better.
  • Offer rides to / from medical appointments. Some patients may not drive or feel too tried to drive after chemotherapy, so you can help out by taking care of their transportation back and forth to hospital for treatment or follow-up medical appointment.
  • Buy groceries. A cancer patient may prefer to rest at home rather than going out to shop for grocery and risk exposure to virus and infections. You can help to get her/him grocery at the same time when you buy your own goods in store or online.
  • Childcare. Children need a lot of attention, that parent with cancer may not have the energy to take good care of the kids by sending/fetching kid to/from school, accompanying the young ones in doing homework assignment, etc. So offer childcare is a practical way to help.
  • Help out co-worker with cancer in workplace. A cancer patient/survivor may continue to work for financial income or other reasons. As a colleague, render your support by helping out on specific task that he/she needs a hand, be a good lunchtime companion, etc.


Have You Managed to Find Gift Ideas From This Guide? Let Us Know!

Cancer is not a death sentence, but cancer patients need strong support and caring love to get through the long journey, especially during the chemotherapy and radiation treatment period.

We hope this guide has helped you to find thoughtful gifts to brighten the day of cancer patients or survivors that you care.
What is your favorite chemo gift for cancer patient? Any great idea that we’ve missed out?

Leave a message below to share your thoughts, while don’t forget to share this and help others!

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  1. A good4ftiend of mine who has cancer hasnt’t lost her hair so I get her gift certificate for her hairdresser. She also likes the hot chocolate cups from Laura Secord to use in her Keurig. I have do bought her favourite Body cream from the Body shop. For a friend in a nursing home I purchased the same body shop product as well as a nice lip balm and her favorite chocolate. A small table sized Xmas decoration can cheer up a room. Another gift I have purchased is a nice cosy bed jacket – good for someone who is confined to bed a lot.

  2. We just found out about my husbands cancer and so many people have asked me what they can do. I appreciate this list. He has not received chemo yet so it also gave me an idea of how it will be.

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