How to Get Rid of Verrucas and Warts Quickly with Nail Varnish – Does It Really Work?

How to Get Rid of Verrucas Quickly with Nail Varnish

I am sure many readers had a second look at the topic of this article.

As shocking as it might read, it is true that some people have effectively used nail varnish to get rid of verrucas and HPV warts.

But does this home remedy really work with consistent results? Must clear nail polish be used or..?

Let’s jump right in to debunk this myth.


Properties in Nail Polish that Kill off HPV Warts? How Does it Work?

Even though there is no scientific evidence to back up the theory that nail polish kills off warts, we know from user experience that it does and it remains a valid treatment option as home remedy.

Basically, warts need oxygen to grow and survive, and nail polish prevents oxygen from reaching the warts eventually killing it off. Keeping the affected area sealed with an adhesive tape will also prevent the virus contained in the warts from being contagious.

After the commencement of treatment, you will observe that the warts will look darker and eventually dry up. When it falls off your skin, it will be retained by the adhesive tape so you can see it.


Procedure for Verrucas and Warts Removal with Nail Varnish

Some people have adopted the steps below to get rid of their verrucas and warts successfully:

  • The first step is to make sure the affected area is clean, wash with soap and clean water.
  • Dry this area with a clean towel.
  • You can now proceed by applying a little of the nail polish on the wart, if it is a big sized warts, feel free to apply more layers of the nail polish over it.
  • When the warts have been completely covered with nail polish, finish this procedure by placing a strip of adhesive tape over the area.

As earlier stated, the size of HPV warts will determine how long it will take for the treatment to yield results. It might be weeks or months before all traces of warts are removed.

Adopting other remedies in parallel – such as applying topical wart removal cream on plantar wart on foot – can help quicker and better results.
You shouldn’t have any problems doing this again every day until the wart disappears. Since this is going to take a while, you should carefully observe the progress because at some point you might have to use a pumice stone or a piece of emery board to file parts of the warts away.

This treatment is applicable to different types of warts, even those stubborn mosaic warts that choose to appear at the base of your feet.

WARNING: this warts removal home remedy should NOT be used for warts on the face or genitals, as warts on these delicate parts of the body should be treated using alternative treatment option, like taking AHCC supplements that eradicates HPV wart virus naturally.

Is there a particular Type of Nail Varnish that Should be Used?

This is a good question because many arguments have risen about the type of nail polish that should be used to treat warts. Some argue that clear colored nail polish is the best, others claim that dark colored nail polish should be preferably used to treat warts.

While there are suggestions that clear colored nail polish should be used to treat warts, because the colored nail polish contains more chemicals –

Basing on the belief that nail varnish kills off verrucas by preventing oxygen from reaching the warts, the type of nail polish coated on skin warts should not make a difference.


User Reviews: How Effective is Nail Varnish Treatment for Warts Removal?

However, since it is not a medically tested and vetted method, you might not expect to have the speedy results that are witnessed when the regular treatments for warts is used.

The action of the nail polish on warts may cause it to disappear eventually, with the results depend on how big the HPV warts are and the affected areas on your body. Smaller sized warts treated with nail polish will soon disappear but bigger warts would take more time to heal, especially if the affected area is at below the feet.

There have been contradicting results about the use of nail polish to treat warts.

We have included four case studies as reference:

Case Study 1 – Positive Results:

“I was becoming frustrated about this issue; I had practically run out of options until a good friend told me she knew a chiropodist who recommended the use of nail polish. I had no choice but to try it and it worked, it really did. I was able to get rid of all ten warts on my body. It was easy, but it took a while, about three months to get rid of them. I applied layers of nail polish over them and that was it, every one of them disappeared.”

Case Study 2 – Positive Results:

“What I did was to immerse the wart in nail polish, during the treatment I kept that area dry. In just a few weeks, the upper layer was removed. I repeated the process and another layer fell off. The third time did it for me. All traces were gone, leaving behind a reddish patch but that was the end of it for me. I am happy it worked.”

Case Study 3 – Not Quite encouraging:

“I have been applying the nail polish on my warts for over six months and it doesn’t feel like it is drying up. I thought the nail polish was supposed to prevent oxygen from getting to it, maybe I am not applying it the right way.”

Case Study 4 – Nail varnish does not work for wart removal:

“I used clear nail polish to cover up warts but after a week I couldn’t continue because the nail polish did not stay put over the warts.”


Should You Try Eliminating Warts by Using Nail Polish at Home?

The good part about this home remedy is that nail polish can easily be bought in beauty shops or online shops.

Some people have applied over the counter salicylic acid products over warts before covering up the affected area with nail polish, and then sealing it up with an adhesive tape.

Overall, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I am sure you can find a nail polish around your home, give this method a trial, you might just be commenting here with positive remarks very soon.
how to get rid of verrucas with nail varnish

3 Comments on "How to Get Rid of Verrucas and Warts Quickly with Nail Varnish – Does It Really Work?"

  1. I have previously tried duct tape to no avail so I’m now trying nail varnish.
    I’m using clear nail varnish covering it with two good coats then covering it with micropore tape refreshing it every day.
    Every time I take the tape off a bit of verruca comes away with it so hopefully it won’t be long before its gone.

  2. I had been suffering with two verrucas on my foot for a few months. I had tried two over the counter products but neither had worked and the verrucas were becoming very painful. So I searched Pinterest and discovered the use of nail varnish to remove them. I tried it straight away however forget to cover it with duct tape. The pain subsided almost straight away. I applied a new layer after each shower. By the forth day I was curious and I peeled away the varnish and the verruca came away with it. It wasn’t painful just a little uncomfortable. I think that if I had left it a day or two later it would have been less uncomfortable. Nail varnish really worked for me and my foot is verruca free

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