15 Awesome Last Day of Chemo Treatment Celebration Ideas (with Videos)

Last Day Chemo Treatment CelebrationHow does it feel like to have some loved one diagnosed with something as serious as cancer?

It breaks us and it becomes worse when we can actually do nothing but show them our support.

The fight with cancer is not just physical but involves a lot of emotions as well. Therefore, when somebody actually survives this horrible disease, the feeling does feel like not less than that of winning a war.

If surviving cancer is such an accomplishment, why not celebrate it like one would do after winning a battle! They have survived through their disease; they deserve to be treated specially.

You must be wondering how to make them feel special on this day, so here are 15 awesome last day of chemo treatment celebration ideas with videos that you can get inspirations from!

#1: Neighbors Surprised Patient With Parade Just Before Her Last Chemo

How about a parade with all your neighbors and friends parading and celebrating while escorting the patient for his/her last chemotherapy? Doesn’t that sound great?

Well, having a lot of people encouraging the patient helps them feel better mentally, which somehow works physically on their bodies too.

In video below, family and friends rallied around a neighbor in Ohio, sending breast cancer patient Amy Kleiner off in style to her last round of chemotherapy.

Amy was shocked when her loved ones lined her street with banners, balloons and signs just before she left for treatment.


#2: Create Video to Celebrate Last Chemo Treatment

Another way of doing that could be by dedicating them a video, and your video could include messages from all of their friends and family members.

Ben from Ohio is getting ready for his 3-year-old daughter’s final chemo treatment, and he has been making journal updates through the whole process.

Ben’s idea is to take all the pictures in all the videos over the last two years since she was diagnosed, and put them all together alongside some music, and make a video slideshow:

Of course, you can do it in a funny way –

just like Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ sons celebrated their mom’s last day of chemotherapy with this:


#3: Get An Unique or Customized Gift for Cancer Survivor To Celebrate

It is true that gifts are the best way to express your feelings for someone.

Your gifts could be as simple as cards and greetings, or it could be something as precious as a ring.

There are many options of buying customized merchandise, including rings with SURVIVOR engraved on it or may be the name of the patient.

For example, you can always shop and create on Zazzle.

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Of course, if you get an unique gift like below, that’s even better 🙂


#4: Husband Surprised Wife with 500 Roses at Last Chemo

The starting of this new phase of their life must be beautiful. Even a small gesture like dedicating flowers to your loved ones can make them feel special.

Brad Bousquet, the husband of Alissa Bousquet, asked his friends and family to chip in for each rose, with any money left over going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Eventually, 172 families donated and raised nearly $5,000 for the charity, and Brad had 500 roses delivered to Omaha cancer center to surprise his wife on her last day of chemo.

Alissa looked gorgeous with her chemo scarf!

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#5: NO MORE CHEMO Celebration In Hospital Before Discharge

From original FB post:

“I am still crying, we all are.

After 406 days here at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 425 days of hospital in total.. our prayers have been answered!!!

Our angel, at the age of 4 (he is now 5) was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma.. is today officially declared No Evidence of Disease, and is in remission!!!! He is Cancer Free!!!!!!”

Yes, Slater is CANCER FREE, and the video below shows his NO MORE CHEMO party with Dr. Sara at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.


#6: Ring the Chemo Bell Celebration

In some cancer hospitals, patients ring a bell on the last day of their treatment, before being discharged from the hospital.

This ritual is followed by some songs and a little celebration.

The video below shows a special event which took place at the Golisano Children’s Hospital, when 14-year-old Zoe Hill and her family rang the “chemo bell” after her last chemo treatment:

You can also share the chemo bell celebration moment on social medias –

who knows your video may get 200,000+ LIKES just like the case below:


#7: Emotional ‘Thank You’ Speech by Soldier at End of Chemo Treatment

Malcolm Montgomery, stationed in Fort Bliss of Texas, was not feeling well on the way to physical training.

He was rushed to the hospital, where bone marrow tests revealed he had leukemia.

After fighting for his country up to that point, Malcolm began to fight for his own health.

Full story in video below, including what Malcolm said when he rang the bell.

Everybody is unique and so are their preferences.

If the patient wants to take the chance to thank the people to mark the end of his/her chemotherapy treatment, then why not?


#8: Marching Band Surprised Woman Finished With Chemo Treatment

You can make their escort out of the hospital special by inviting a singing band or a marching band, whatever your loved one prefers.

For instance, a woman joked that she wanted to be escorted out of the hospital by a marching band, to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy treatment.

So her niece got in touch with the University of Wisconsin marching band to do the honors!

Check out this interesting moment in the video below, as released by University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center:


#9: Cancer Survivor Flash Mob

If you want to announce to the world of his/her survival, you can plan a flash mob indeed, it would be fun with lots of people dancing around for the cause of your loved one.

You can get some inspirations from Disco superstar Gloria Gaynor who joined Texas philanthropists Lester and Sue Smith in a colorful, surprise dance tribute performed by more than 200 breast cancer survivors and supporters at the Houston Galleria mall June 4, 2011.

The upbeat video below was released June 5 in conjunction with National Cancer Survivors Day.


#10: A Wonderful Surprise On The Way Back Home From Final Chemo

Neighbors helped a Florida woman celebrate final chemotherapy treatment after her fight against ovarian cancer.

A friend drove her to a street where the woman’s family and friends had all gathered for a party in her honor, as reported by TODAY in the video below:


#11: Surprise Party for Cancer Survivor!

A surprise party would be a good-to-go idea.

For adding more twist, you could invite the patient’s close acquaintances who are living far away.

For example, Meg Gaffney had to put off celebrating her birthday when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her friends decided that waiting for half of a year was enough, so here is a wonderful surprise:


#12: Elementary School Teacher Finishing Chemo Thrown Surprise Party

Surprise party can be arranged anywhere besides home, such as the workplace.

In video below, Black Elk Elementary School invited KETV NewsWatch 7 to a party for Amy O’Connor, who was finishing her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer:


#13: Organize Outdoor Sing and Dance CANCER FREE Celebration

Well, our support can really help the cancer patients to get out of their situations.

You can ask the people of your neighbor or some children to wear merches showing support for the patient.

This could help in boosting one’s moral to get back to one’s normal lives.

The video below shows Laura Caflisch and her friends were celebrating Becky’s last chemo on July 24 in 2014.


#14: Celebrities Stunned Cancer Patients with Their Support

Approaching a star personality is another good option.

You could ask for their autographs, merches etc.

You can plan anything, keeping in mind what your loved one likes and prefers.

For instance, American country music singer and songwriter Luke Combs surprised a stage 4 cancer patient, Kylie Schwartz at his concert on May 12, 2019 at The Red Rocks Amphitheater:

And the WWE video below shows 7 years-old cancer survivor Kiara Grindrod met John Cena and Sting on Sept 14, 2015:


#15: SCRAPPY Celebrating the End of Chemo – “Cancer Bites” Party!

Hey, you can organize a last day of chemo treatment celebration for your pet too!

In the video below, 14 year old shih tzu named Scrappy celebrated the last of 6 rounds of chemo with a “Cancer Bites” dog party –

Puppypalooza celebration with natural treats from a local pet store!


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Last Day of Chemo Celebration Ideas

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