“My Mom has Cancer”: 9 Daughters Revealed Their Touching Stories (and What You Can Do)

My Mom has CancerYou know how it is:

It really hurts when you found out that your mum has cancer, as if waves of pain unimaginable shot down your spine.

Heartbroken, depressed, terrified, and lost.

And you were probably having hard time processing the news and coping with it.

As you’re far from being alone, joining cancer support group or hear from others who have been in your shoes will help you to get through this journey stronger.

Here are 9 touching videos on daughters who revealed the stories after their moms were diagnosed with cancer, and some recommendations on what you can do about it:

#1: Open Conversation about Breast Cancer Mom In a Family of 3

Briana Jones-Chase broke down in tear when her mom called.

A touching video that shares the words from a very brave and positive mom, and the conversation in this family on how they reacted to the news that the mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Briana mentioned that she knows “there’s other things besides chemo”, and she is surely right.

Breast cancer is curable when detected early, the doctor and cancer patient will decide what treatment is the best based on which stage of the cancer.

Understand the treatment that the cancer patient will be going through, and do you best to support her throughout the entire cancer treatment journey.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Survival Rate Life Expectancy by Stage Infographic

#2: NYC College Student and Her Mom with Endometrial Cancer

In this video, Lexie and her mother opened up about all that’s been going on.

For examples, Lexie shared her thought when she was asked “what advice would you give somebody if their parent has cancer” —

while her mom addressed questions like “what are some little things about life you have noticed during this time that you hadn’t haven’t known before?”, etc.

Just like most other patients, Lexie’s mom with Stage 3C cancer was getting chemotherapy as part of the treatment.

Chemo drugs that travel throughout the body can affect normal healthy cells and cause unwanted side effects, so she would really need help and support during this challenging period.
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Unfortunately, Lexie’s mom passed away months after the video above was recorded, due to the rapid deterioration into terminal cancer illness:


#3: A Daughter in the U.S. Received a Call from her Mom in Ukraine

Oksana Ostrovsky’s mom who lived in Ukraine was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

As part of treatment recommended by doctor, she had to go through surgery and chemotherapy.

While Oksana in the US went back to her home country to take care of her mom for one month, the brutal truth is that “chemo takes an extremely hard toll on your health and your spirit”, says Oksana.

So whether it’s yourself or someone else who’ll be the caregiver to the cancer patient during chemo treatment, it’ll be great that the caregiver spends some time to understand the potential side effects of chemo in order to offer a better care and support that’s much needed.
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#4: Plastic Surgeon Told this Daughter’s Mom that She Has Breast Cancer

56 years old Lenna Paytas went through surgery for her breast augmentation, and the plastic surgeon found lumps that the lab results came out positive.

Her daughter Trisha Paytas was devastated when she found out that “my mom has breast cancer”.

Ladies, get your mammogram screening done at least once a year — it may save your life.


#5: The Journey of an 11 Years Old Girl After Mom Diagnosed with Cancer

When Laura was 11 years old, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In this video by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute —

Laura and Abby shared how their lives were impacted after their parents were diagnosed with cancer, what these 2 teen girls experienced, and ways they found support.
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#6: Ten Things You Might Feel If Your Mom Has Cancer

Chelsea Lloyd’s mom had metastatic stage 4 breast cancer.

While some people with tough journey may feel “I can’t cope with my mom’s terminal cancer” —

Chelsea shared her journey in the video below, and reminds people going through a similar experience that you are not alone.


#7: What Taylor Swift Learned after Parents Diagnosed with Cancer

The superstar revealed that her mother has been battling cancer for the second time.
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#8: Mom’s Last Chemo Treatment

It’s normal to feel “my mom has cancer and i am depressed”, but it’s not the end of the world.

There is every chance that the mother can be a strong cancer survivor in years to come.

Give your best support to mom, and look forward to the day when she rings the bell on her last day of chemotherapy — just like this lovely video from Caylin!
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#9: Continue To Support and Fight – Even After Last Cancer Treatment

The reality is, even after successful chemo and/or radiation therapy treatment, cancer may still come back, as shown in the actual case below.

Continue to support your mom and keep on fighting!


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My Mom Has Cancer

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