Neulasta Onpro Kit Review: Side Effects, Bone Pain, Claritin – Worth It?

On the off chance that your specialist has prescribed chemotherapy to treat your disease, it’s imperative to comprehend the objectives of treatment when settling on treatment choices.

Chemotherapy is the utilization of any medication to treat any sickness. Yet, to the vast majority, the word chemotherapy implies drugs utilized for cancer treatment.

Surgery and radiation treatment are known to expel, damage, or kill disease cells in a specific region, yet chemotherapy can work all through the entire body. This implies chemotherapy can damage and kill cancer cells that have spread to parts of the body far from the first (essential) cancer.

While solid chemotherapy can battle malignancy, it can lessen your white platelet count, debilitating your immune framework. A debilitated immune framework builds your risk of infection.

Neulasta Onpro Kit is regulated to patients the day after chemotherapy to support the generation of white blood cells that battle contamination —

But does Neulasta shot really work without side effects? Can Claritin help?


What Is Neulasta – How It Helps Chemotherapy Patients?

Neulasta is a man-made type of a protein that empowers the development of white blood cells in your body. It is a recommended pharmaceutical medication given around 24 hours after you get each chemotherapy treatment to help –

  • reduce the risk of infection and gives support through your chemotherapy cycle with only one infusion.
  • avoid Neutropenia, an absence of certain white platelets brought on by getting chemotherapy.

>> Learn More about Neulasta and How It Treats Neutropenia caused by Cancer Medicines or Chemotherapy

What Is Neulasta Onpro Kit and How To Use?

Neulasta Onpro kit can be utilized for each cycle of your solid chemotherapy. It is a unit that incorporates a co-bundled single measurement of Neulasta and a solitary use On Body Injector – a small, lightweight conveyance framework connected to the skin amid your chemotherapy arrangement.

Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) Onpro kit intended to naturally manage Neulasta the following day, so you might not need to go back to the specialist only for an injection of Neulasta.
The Neulasta On-body Injector is an unique gadget put on the skin that conveys your pegfilgrastim dosage at a particular time. Pegfilgrastim as known as Neulasta is infused under the skin, with On-body Injector is applied to your skin, either on the back of the arm or abdomen.

Perused and deliberately take after all directions for utilizing this item, in which you can download the product details and administration guidelines of Neulasta Onpro Kit here.
So how long does Neulasta take to work?

  • Once On-body Injector is placed on skin, it will beep and the yellow light will flash. A short needle will insert the cannula to allow Neulasta to be delivered under your skin 27 hours later.
  • The planned measurement will then be discharged from the gadget gradually over a 45-minute time span.
  • While wearing the On Body Injector, you or a guardian should check the gadget to ensure it is working appropriately.

The chemo patient in video below gives a good overview on the usage of Neulasta On-Body Injector.

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Neulasta On Body Injector: Important Points To Take Note

1. You may require visit therapeutic tests to help your specialist decide to what extent to treat you with pegfilgrastim. Ask your doctor on the off chance that you have any inquiries. Pegfilgrastim is normally given once per chemotherapy cycle.

2. Tell each of your healthcare providers about all your therapeutic conditions, sensitivities, and all solutions you use.

3. You ought not utilize this prescription on the off chance that you are oversensitive or allergic to Neulasta.

4. You might be demonstrated how to utilize infusions at home. Don’t self-infuse this prescription in the event that you don’t completely see how to give the infusion and legitimately discard utilized needles and syringes. Perused all patient data, pharmaceutical aides, and direction sheets gave to you.

5. Store this drug in the fridge, don’t solidify. Shield from light and don’t shake. Take the solution out of the cooler and permit it to achieve room temperature before infusing your measurement. Try not to leave the prescription at room temperature for longer than 2days.

6. Try not to shake the prefilled syringe. Set up your measurement just when you are prepared to give an infusion. Try not to utilize if the drug has changed colors or has maybe some particles in it. Call your drug specialist for new medication.

7. Take after all directions on your pharmaceutical label and bundle.

8. Each prefilled syringe is meant for one use only. Make sure you discard after one use, regardless of the possibility that there is still some drug left in it in the wake of infusing your measurements. Utilize a dispensable needle and syringe just once.

9. Take after any state or neighborhood laws about discarding utilized needles and syringes.

10. Discard any unused syringes after the lapse date on the name has passed.
Check out the video below for end of cycle and removal of Neulasta On-Body shot after chemotherapy, with a close-up look.


User Feedback On Common Neulasta Side Effects: Bone Pain and…

Do you get shocking bone torment when they give you your Neulasta (Pegfilgrastim) shot and for two, three days or more a short time later?

Neulasta is a successful prescription to shorten, yet not counteract, post-chemotherapy neutropenia (low white platelet tally). Lamentably, one regular side effect reaction is bone pain.

It’s a development factor, which implies it works by revving up the bone marrow to create more white blood cells. Since this is the reason for the torment, as indicated by most specialists, the force of the pain doesn’t change in light of how long after chemotherapy it’s given and pain prescription is critical in this circumstance.

Bone pain from white platelet development components includes different elements, like irritation and histamine discharge. In spite of the fact that the correct instrument of this pain is not surely knew, one potential system is that histamine may bring about bone marrow edema and result in pain.
Below are examples of actual user reviews and forum feedback on Neulasta side effects and duration:

momofthreeas commented via CancerCompass: “I have had 5 Neulasta shots now after 5 chemotherapy treatments. Not all, but some experience very severe joint pain, mostly in the legs, and pain in the back, after the first shot. For others it is mild to moderate. I was one of those who had severe pain and even hydrocodone hardly eased it. It lasted severely for about 24 hours and finally waned in about 4 days or so..”

teresa567 feedback via CancerGrace: “my mom had a shot of Neulasta last Wed to help her WBCs. She took Claritin and didn’t have the bone pain…..but now, like 6 days after getting it, she feels extra weak, had low grade fever, bit of a dry cough, and just not great.”

fishingwv shared via ColonClub: “I had neulasta 2 years ago and I have tried to find anyone else with long term bone pain. My bones have not been right since. I am in pain all the time. My cancer doctor just blows it off. My bones were never like this until I had 4 injections of neulasta.”

In video below, a patient shared her side effects experience upon her first Neulasta shot.


Does Claritin Work To Get Rid Of Neulasta Bone Pain Side Effect?

Claritin is one of the answer to lessen the bone agony brought about by Neulasta infusion.

The main objective of histamine in the body is to go about as a inflammatory trigger. Your body detects that harm is being done to it and because of specific receptors in body tissues it conjures the pain pathways so that it can guide insusceptible reactions to the ranges under assault to empower recuperating, i.e white platelets and different mixes required in the mending forms.

Claritin goes about as a histamine adversary or inverse agonist, that is Claritin ties to these specific receptors that histamine ties to in the body, in addition to obstructing the capacity for histamine to bind to them.

This inactivates the capacity of histamine in the body on these receptors, for this situation it is the activation of the pain pathway and in addition to stops the torment.
So does Claritin really work to get rid of bone pain due to Neulasta shot?

The results have been mixed, with below are examples of user feedback:

Blindsided shared via BreastCancer Community: “I took Claritan and never had any neulasta pain after my 4 shots. I took it the day before my neulasta shot, and continued to take it once a day for about a week… While many people complain of mouth sores and dry mouth from chemo, I had the reverse: hyper salivation, constant runny nose and constant post nasal drip, resulting in a constant hacking cough. The Claritan was a miracle cure for these problems too.”

Gabe N Abby Mom feedback via American Cancer Society: ” I took the claratin starting one day before my Neupogin (a cousin to Neulasta) shots. I continued for the seven days of Neupogin, and then 3 more days after that. At my last chemo treatment, I overheard a nurse explaining the claratin to another patient. The nurse said that the antihistamine in the claratin reduces inflammation, and that’s how it helps with the bone pain too.”

Aunttootsie001 feedback via CancerGrace: “I had the Neulasta shots and I did experience the legs and ankle pain but the Taxol made them ache too! No other side affects. Neupogen did the same thing. I’ve been off Chemo for 9 weeks and last Neupogen shot over a week ago and my legs still ache. I took the Claritin and it didn’t help much.”

Check out this youtube video, whereby when the chemo patient demonstrated on how to administer Neulasta shot, he shared his experience on the Neulasta side effects and how Claritin helped.


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