Buy Verruca Sock at ASDA | Boots | Tesco | Argos for Swimming: Is it Necessary?

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Warts on the bottom of foot are specifically called verruca or plantar warts.

Considering the location of these skin lesions, they can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient – especially when walking or standing.

With warts are highly contagious, there have been calls that verruca socks must be worn when go to public swimming pools.

But is it really necessary?


A Quick Glance on Plantar Warts

Human papillomavirus (HPV) has been identified as the infection that causes verrucas in humans. The infection is diagnosed by the appearance of cauliflower-like lesion on the surface of skin, covering the soles of the feet. Verruca infection occurs when the low-risk HPV virus enters the body through injuries and cuts sustained on the feet.

Warts can be contracted through direct contact with the infected area of a patient’s skin, or indirectly. In places where people share bathrooms, a person with plantar warts on his feet could infect other people when they use common shower rooms.


Enter The Verruca Sock…

Verruca socks are specially designed socks that can reduce the chances of people who have plantar warts on their feet (verruca) from spreading it to other people indirectly, when they use public facilities like the swimming pools and shower room.

Based on the guidelines from NHS UK, the Public Health England, and College of Podiatry:

  • People with verrucas on their feet should also do everything they can to avoid causing others to get infected. They can reduce the chances of spreading the virus by covering up their feet with products like verruca socks, pool socks, or waterproof plaster – before they enter public swimming pool or when they use public showers shared with other people.
  • HPV virus thrives in moist and warm conditions; this is why the feet are most susceptible to the infection. As a precautionary measure, people should always wear shoes or good footwear when walking on moist surfaces in public places like the swimming pool or the changing room.
  • It is a good idea to stay protected by wearing verruca socks because you can never tell who has warts around you.

However, there have been arguments about the use of verruca socks, with some people doubt the use of these protective socks other than its conspicuousness when worn in public places.

Where to Buy Verruca Sock

Despite the efficacy and necessity of wearing verruca socks to protect the feet and to prevent spreading of HPV wart virus has been debatable, others claim that the chances of plantar wart infection on foot can be drastically reduced if high-quality verruca sock are worn at public places like swimming pools.

While verruca sock is generally either not available for sale or with limited choice at stores like ASDA, Argos, Tesco, and Boots chemist UK –

A good place to source and buy verruca socks for adults and children is at Amazon UK as you could check out here, including useful user reviews for you to learn more.


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